20. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Rishab, a budding journalist sought therapy to

overcome his OCD and inferiority complex. He often found himself repeating hand actions over and over again like picking up a pen, putting it down and picking it up again; or repeatedly opening and closing doors. This behaviour pattern had become obsessive with him, interfering with his career and progress.

Under hypnotic regression while scanning his energy body,

Rishab found his hands and the part below his knees missing. He saw a red glow on his hands, which had been trying to connect with him for many years now, so it could communicate something to him. It drew his attention by making his hands hot, like a ball of burning fire.

Interestingly enough, his most recent recall of this

experience was when he was shaking hands with a classmate in college and that person noticed and commented on the huge red glow in his palm. Unfortunately, Rishab ignored this body symptom and never gave it a second thought.

On regressing to another childhood incident,

he saw himself in the school washroom. Once again he noticed that burning ball of redness on his palm shortly after washing his hands. As he proceeded to the school playground, he saw only his hands and the part of his legs below the knees, but found the rest of his body missing. Clearly, there was an energy split between his body parts and the red ball of burning in his palm and the playground had something to do with this.

On regressing him to the time when this energy split

took place, Rishab recalled a sports accident he was in at age six (of which he had no cognitive recall at all) on a playground close to his house. He was playing football with some boys when he got badly hit by the ball on his right arm just above the wrist and a burning pain shot through his arm.

As he felt that pain surge through him, his emotions

and cognition got entangled making him confused about whether to nurse his aching arm or to chase the ball and display his power. He felt angry with himself because he was unable to stop the ball and yet the pain was calling his attention because it was severe.

He felt helpless and in that moment,

he formed an opinion about himself, which became a limiting belief in the future causing his inferiority complex. He began to believe that he was not powerful enough to defend himself or play the game well enough.

During that moment of inner conflict on the

playground, he chose to keep on playing despite the injury and his pain just kept growing worse forming into a red fiery ball. On zooming into that exact moment of the injury, he discovered that the energy of his right arm went missing at the very moment when his arm got hit by the ball.

On rewinding that memory in slow motion,

Rishab found that when the ball hit him, his energetic arm got severed and went flying off like a ball out of his physical body. After a rather intense search, he found his missing arm lying on the round edge of the adjoining grey building, near a patch of grass.

Rishab was asked to retrieve his severed arm

and locate any other severed parts. These were then energetically reconstructed and attached back to his six year old body after which he was allowed to grow back to his present age.

On emerging from the trance,

he found that the pain he had experienced during the session on his right arm, when he hurt himself on the playground was gone. Strangely enough he felt as though he had a brand new arm. He kept caressing it as though he was feeling it for the very first time.

A week later his mother informed me that

Rishab was no longer repeating those arm and leg actions that he used to earlier. Through hypnotic intervention he had managed to make his energy body whole again, by finally giving his attention to that ball of red fire on his palm, which had been trying to communicate with him for years.

In this case, the subtle etheric body, also referred

to as the body double had been displaced during that accident, causing the recurring limb movements, which perhaps was the body’s innate intelligence trying to bring the subtle body back into alignment. Once Rishab’s lost parts were retrieved and his energy bodies aligned and integrated, the obsessive behavior stopped.



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