22. Conquering Financial Lack

20140115_205408Shruti came to me because despite working

really hard at her business, she was not getting results. She was in a seemingly hopeless marriage and becoming financially independent was absolutely critical for her. She was well educated, well spoken and highly proficient at interpersonal skills, yet despite being a great saleswoman she was unable to close deals and translate them into monetary gains.

By using PSYCH-K techniques we unraveled many of

the childhood programs in her subconscious mind that were sabotaging her success. This came as a surprise to her because her conscious mind believed that it had the power to manifest success, but her subconscious mind was not aligned with these goals.

To start with we discovered that her subconscious was

highly resistant to change, compelling her to stay with the status quo. Even though she wanted to give up being dependent on her husband, her subconscious was not allowing it. She recalled her father’s strong view that girls should not be financially independent because they end up neglecting their homes and become too strong headed. In all likelihood, this is what created her dependency program in those early years.

Interestingly, she craved her father’s attention

and approval, which she never received, and so her subconscious mind ran on an auto pilot mode of dependency in the hope of pleasing her father and being loved by him. To start with we reprogrammed her ability to accept change easily and spontaneously.

Associated with her father’s dogmatic conditioning

were negative beliefs about having more money than she needed and this was blocking her abundance. Given her difficult marriage where she literally had to beg for money, she also had severe reservations about receiving and accepting money which were also contributing to her inability to receive money from her business. Both these beliefs were re-written to support financial success.

Yet another entangled experience interfering with her success

was that as a child, her parents had been too busy to give her a patient listening. Every time she wanted something, her mother would tell her that she was too adamant and discipline her through physical punishment. She acquired a program that made her believe she did not deserve to be rewarded and that her opinion did not matter.

To make things worse for herself, she had stopped trusting

the universe to provide for her at a subconscious level. Despite writing lengthy affirmations and visualizations she was unable to practice them. In her words even though i want to do them, i feel like something keeps stopping me. All of these beliefs were modified and new healthy beliefs that supported financial independence were downloaded into her subconscious.

At the end of the session which was fairly extended,

she exclaimed, I feel so refreshed and light. This method is so simple. Why did I waste all this time struggling? Shruti left my clinic feeling a new surge of energy in her. If she can now supplement these powerful new beliefs with appropriate actions, nothing can stop her bank balance from overflowing with currency.



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