The Pain of Pi

The Life of Pi throbs with the anguish and inner turmoil that transformation involves. The heart wrenching pain of spirit waiting to discover itself is brought alive visually and dramatically. Pi’s inner visions, outer conflicts, and the struggle with his inner demons and outer elements make the story unravel itself in several layers. You can keep peeling them off way after you have walked out of the theatre and continue to toss restlessly on your pillow digesting the universal dark night of the soul that each one will invariably befriend at some point in their lives.

Why does the whole stuggle for his transmutation occur in the midst of the waters? Is it because if he did not remain afloat and keep flowing he would have been lost to the ocean. Do we have what it takes to remain afloat on this ocean of illusion and desire? Can we remain in the flow of the spirit and hope that someday we too shall be washed on the shores of heaven and find our way out of the jungle of life unto the divine species to which we truly belong?

 I guess if we have the tenacity of Pi, we just might survive the storm.


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