24. Chronic Knee Pain Healed

Vandana had been feeling disturbed for

some days and had been unable to meditate. Each time she would sit in meditation her legs would go numb and she would feel as though something was preventing her from going deeper.

In deep trance during the body scan

Vandana found that while the rest of her body glowed with a bright white light both her feet were in darkness. Almost instantly she felt as though something was struggling to free itself from her feet and she started to cry.

A flustered female voice, different from Vandana’s

spoke up and begged me to set her free into the light. A detailed dialogue followed in which we discovered that the voice was that of a lady called Maya who had died in a car crash in 1982. She was accompanied by her husband and son and all three had died in the crash.

However when she was about to move into the light

she had been distracted by the desire to turn back and examine what had caused the crash. This made her miss the light while her son and husband moved on.

Maya’s feet had got stuck under the car seat

preventing her from moving and causing her excruciating pain as she died. She wandered as a spirit until she found Vandana. It was about 2.30 in the afternoon and Vandana was crying because she had been beaten up by her mother.

As she stood on the terrace of her house

as an innocent and vulnerable ten year old, Maya was attracted to her innocence and immediately found herself in Vandana’s body where she continued to live for the past 25 years.

She lived in the region knee downwards

in Vandana’s body and caused the pain that Vandana felt in her knees. Maya was urged to restore the knees back to their healthy state and was then helped to move into the light.

She witnessed the souls of her husband Mukesh

and son who came to receive and escort her back into the light with them. As soon as she left and Vandana scanned her body again she found that the darkness at her feet had vanished and the light had been restored in them.

On emerging Vandana exclaimed,

my feet have become so light it’s unbelievable. She then went on to tell me that she had suffered from chronic knee pain for the last 25 years and that doctors had recommended that surgery was the only way she could be free of the pain. The pain was so bad that she was unable to climb stairs and her feet would often swell up.

She was so happy at being pain free

that she was at a loss of words to express her feelings. To see and hear the few words she could get herself to say watch the video below.


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