26. Past Returns To Haunt

Greed for wealth made him kill

his younger brother so that he alone could enjoy the comforts that property and wealth could afford. Years later both brothers were reborn, one as the son of a landed rich family, and the other as a Tantrik. At the behest of a young lady, the tantrik is commissioned to perform black magic on the rich man’s son.

For some reason, unknown to the tantrik,

he is driven to bind and psychically entrap the boy in measure far stronger than he is asked to do. His deepest intent is to make the boy suffer, obstruct his progress and destroy him financially.From then on, despite having multiple properties the boy’s family starts losing their wealth, some properties become disputed, others cannot be liquidated and difficult days fall upon them.

 The boy develops all kinds of health

problems and mental afflictions and for the next twenty years he struggles with no respite. After visiting uncountable fakirs, wandering mystics, healers, and therapists he reads about me on the internet and decides to contact me for help. Each time he calls, we talk about his issues on the phone and he makes the intent to visit me but some force keeps stopping him from coming.

 After 9 months he finally arrives

and during a deep trance state he connects with the astral body of the tantrik. An intense effort involving 13 cumulative hours of therapy follow over three sessions. Does the tantrik forgive him? Does he agree to set him free?

Do the souls that were called from

the darker worlds and attached to him by the tantrik agree to leave him? Were his beliefs making him vulnerable to these influences? Was the voodoo doll that was used to capture and bind him found and destroyed? These were some of the questions we addressed during the sessions.

While in therapy the boy realized

that all actions follow us through lifetimes and sooner or later we are compelled to confront the darkness of our own soul. It dawned on him that if he did not become watchful of his thoughts and intents, if he wasn’t aware of the hurts he caused others, if he chose greed over rightful actions he would have to suffer. There was no way he could escape suffering for it would chase him through various incarnations.

 To know what finally happened to him, read

the handwritten note below that he left for me after the last session we had.




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