30. Dyslexia & the Soul

Though Shreya and Prakash are eight years apart

they both share something in common. Both are trying to overcome their learning difficulties (dyslexia) and I had the unique pleasure of assisting them today in separate sessions.  20140712_220547

What came through as startling revelations

were the similarities experienced by them at a soul level during their earthly descent into this incarnation. Both were hesitant about their forthcoming life and the challenges that their souls had taken on. They were worried about how well they would perform their life lessons and were anxious about failing and not getting it right this time around.

Shreya felt bitter both with herself and

her heavenly council members (our senior Soul Guides who help in reviewing our progress in past incarnations and assist in developing our soul lessons for the forthcoming life) for having cajoled here to incarnate before she felt sufficiently ready to be re-born.

At her core she felt unprepared to deal with

her chosen life and wished she had been given more time to prepare herself. Her feeling was that the other soul members who incarnated along with her were better prepared than she was cigarettes shops and she wished that she could have stayed on the ‘other side’ a little longer.

She carried a belief that she would

not succeed and would end up making mistakes (strangely she has a habit of apologizing for every little error) but at the same time she ached to get it right this lifetime. This conflict and bitterness was embedded in her left brain. Shreya has trouble with maths and numbers which is a left brained activity.

At the precise moment of his birth Prakash felt

a strange nervousness at the soul level about whether he would perform well during this lifetime on earth or not. This nervousness got lodged in the right side of his brain. It isn’t surprising that Prakash has trouble with languages, reading and writing.

It is encouraging to note that his academic performance

is showing signs of improvement since his last session. He says that earlier it would take him a full day to learn one answer in English but now he is able to do it in a surprisingly short time and with much greater ease. Interestingly both their mothers were depressive and suffered loneliness and sadness during their pregnancies.

The similarities in these two cases made me wonder if

there was perhaps a connection between incarnation related performance anxiety experienced at a soul level and the symptomatic presentation of learning difficulties. Is it a kind of apprehension of the harsh earth reality? Or a half hearted readiness to embrace earthly life?

Perhaps we need to understand the choices

and complexities faced by the incoming soul into the fetus during the pre-conception, conception and pre natal stages better. For if we could and if there was evidence that confirmed the correlation between readiness to incarnate and how the brain was wired perhaps there would be new hope for many of our children and we could also comprehend the phenomena of life before life much better.

Until then, I shall continue to assist

as many of these beautiful and specially- abled children as I can, and I hope they will teach me more about their soul choices and dilemmas.



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