33. Are You Suffering From Past Life Indigestion?

If he hadn’t left home to chase his dreams, he would have been miserable. He wanted to make a name for himself, to become somebody significant, to be rich. And so it was that he had set forth to distant lands, even though his parents hadn’t wanted him to go.

Years later he came back home to find it deserted and barren. With everyone gone, all he could do was walk around that silent house and speak to the furniture & walls. No one said anything, but the utensils on the table told him what had gone on. They left in a hurry, said the half-eaten-from dishes scattered on the table.


Heartbroken, he wandered for days in search of his family, feeling lost and unanchored, but it seemed that life had swallowed them up. In time, the pain was numbed and he got on with living alone. Not knowing what else to do with his life, he did the only thing he had yearned for. Working hard, he built his way up in life and became a truly rich man. But his soul remained empty and life still seemed meaningless.

Lying on his deathbed with nurses and comforts surrounding him, he wondered about the purpose of life. Nothing made sense, not the life he lived nor what he had lost. As he took his last breath, confusion was his last companion. What he didn’t know was that it would travel with him through time, lands and incarnations.

Srila wonders why she feels so lost all the time. At both work and home she can’t seem to make up her mind about what she wants from life. Often she is confused. Obsessed with her inner thoughts she finds it hard to act or take any concrete decisions. One thing holds her back. I must ensure my parents are happy before I can get on with my life and find happiness. Reborn a girl this time, Srila feels stuck. She wants to be happy but has neither married nor does she do things that she enjoys. She is constantly at war with her inner self.

Her past life as the rich lonely man revealed how important digesting ones experiences and unresolved issues are in life. The confusions of her unfulfilled past life have spilled over into her present, creating huge obstacles to her success and happiness. By moving her back into the in-between-life experience and helping her assimilate and integrate the unresolved questions and issues relating to her past life, I helped her to process and digest that life. It was only then that she began seeing the solutions to her present life complexities. Waking up from her deep trance she realised, that much of her life had been lost because she had not digested her past conflicts and confusions.

Frequently, we all make this very same mistake. We brush difficult issues under the carpet, avoiding them instead of addressing and resolving them in our hearts and minds. These undigested issues never go away. They stay and make our soul burdened and constipated. Do not ignore your confusions and questions about life. Face them, resolve them, be at peace with them today.


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