5 Reasons to Protect Your Aura at Social Gatherings

IMG-20140716-WA0052Almost all of us need to attend large social gatherings at some point or another in our everyday lives. Be it conferences, workshops, celebrations, prayer ceremonies or other religious activities, this intermingling of human energies is almost unavoidable. Have you ever wondered why it is that you return from these events feeling exhausted? Most people brush away this thought by rationalizing that they’ve probably had a long day but at an energetic level there are several real reasons why this happens.


When you move into physical proximity with other people, shake hands with them or hug them, your aura or unseen subtle energy field overlaps with theirs and a process of energy conduction is set up. Like water, energy flows down from higher energy fields to feed the auras of those who are relatively lower in comparison or are episodically depleted. People who are overly sensitive and emotional or are prone to negative emotions such as envy, guilt, anger, fear etc tend to have more depleted fields than those who are more optimistic about life. When you encounter such low energy people you literally begin to feed their starved energy field and your energy level drops to match theirs. This is the reason why the tradition of folding hands in the posture of namaste is recommended in our rich heritage. Our ancestors knew that bringing our hands together closes the chakras on our fingertips sealing our energy circuit and preventing leakage of energy from our auras.


Based on our habitual way of thinking which is perpetuated by our attitudes, beliefs, mental programs and inner dialogues we send out certain frequencies which reflect our level of consciousness. This determines the frequency and energy of our consciousness and it makes us either a strong (positive) or weak (negative) attractor field. When we meet people who have weak attractor fields we become sucked into or entrained into that field and unconsciously we tune into it. We begin to resonate at that frequency just like a tuning fork. This resonance can be a result of feeling empathic towards them or simply trying to be nice. If you come away from a party feeling sad, grumpy, irritable or depressed for no apparent reason you probably ran into a weak attractor field.


We receive our daily quota of life force energy from three key sources; the sun, the earth and the food we eat. This pranic life force is expended through our organs of action and perception in our daily life. When we are in large gatherings we expend much more of this daily quota through our eyes (checking out what are others are wearing, the decor, the new environment etc), speech (we talk a lot more than we usually do ), eating (taste many more dishes than a usual home cooked meal) etc. In short we exhaust a higher level of our life force energy and this leaves us feeling exhausted.


Some people consistently suffer from very low levels of life force energy and they are naturally and spontaneously attracted to high energy human fields. Almost unconsciously they will hunt out such people in a gathering and literally suck the prana (life force) from the solar plexus where the pranic storehouse is located. This is the reason they are often referred to as energy vampires. In the following video Dr.Orloff tells us who these people are and how to know if you have run into an energy vampire.


Whenever any human envies, resents or negatively compares himself to another person, he subconsciously sends out a focused intent of harm to them. This is often felt by intuitive people as bad vibes. At social gatherings you are surrounded by a flood of many negative thought streams that people send out as they size up and evaluate what others have and they don’t. If he can drive a Mercedes why can’t I, wish I was as rich and beautiful as her, her life is such a blast, I hate the way she keeps laughing etc. This mental dialoguing is such a subtle phenomena that most people are not even aware that it is happening in their minds. But the thought streams trigger unintentional psychic attacks on those who are perceived to be better off and these enter your aura sabotaging your energy levels.

Suzy Singh – Mind-Body Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Mentor




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