5 Signs of Spirit Attachements

Spirits come to us through the law of attraction. They know the true state of our soul because they have passed over from the world of illusion and they are better able to perceive our reality beyond all the self deceptions and masks we wear. They know the dark, fearful thoughts we unconsciously think but blatantly deny. They sense the damage we have suffered, causing the fractures in our psyche, even though we remain blissfully ignorant of them or choose to deny them. They resonate with and exacerbate our unloving desires, addictions and fears, as we remain unaware, though not always unaffected.
I share here a few ways in which you can self diagnose the presence of spirit attachments.

1. The confused state of the many-minds

My client rambled on, telling me about his problems. As he spoke, he rarely stopped to listen or even fully comprehend what he was saying. After listening to him patiently for a few minutes, I asked him a question about something he had just said. I don’t know, he answered, shrugging his shoulders as though I had sprung some kind of surprise question at him. But you were just talking to me about this a minute ago, I urged. He stared at me blankly, looking confused. In that moment it was clear to me that his energy field was infested with spirits.
When your mind field is intercepted by other minds, you often feel very confused about whose thoughts you are thinking or verbalising. Some people speak endlessly without any ownership of their speech. It’s like they don’t realize what they are saying and the words simply spill out of their mouths. In such cases, the mind field of the spirits attached is much stronger than that of the host. If you are hearing voices in your head, feeling confused about simple decisions, saying things you find strange or regret deeply later( often because it is so unlike you to speak in that manner), it’s possible that you have sprits attached.


2. Strange dreams and altered sleep patterns

Dreams are another powerful way of knowing that you have unknown guest’s in your body. One client hesitatingly confessed that in the past couple of days, he had encountered a couple of disturbing dreams in which he was sodomising a young boy. On probing deeper, he also acknowledged the incidence of a strong sexual urge that he had felt for a colleague recently. Now this person is deeply spiritual and does not usually behave in such unloving ways. Upon scanning his energy field, we found multiple spirits attached to him at the consciousness level of guilt, shame and fear that were transferring their desires for sexual promiscuity to him. And so, if you are suddenly seeing dreams with inappropriate sexual content, it’s possible that your protection has been threatened.
Excessive dreaming and extended sleep hours are also indicative of this affliction. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, despite your average sleep hours, are tired upon waking, or if you are having too many weird dreams of late, it could be a sign that you have spirit attachments.
The excessive dreaming is caused by the need to process the additional data contained in the many additional minds that are now overlapping yours. There are more desires, urges, tendencies, thoughts, beliefs, yearnings and idiosyncrasies to be explored, dealt with or acted out in your sleep state causing the extended sleep hours.

3. Unfamiliar yearnings and addictions

Another client complained that he had a strange new desire to visit foreign lands just to engage in sexual encounters with unknown women. This was a yearning he was previously not aware of and yes, he too was infested. I have met people who have wanted to start drinking, smoking or taking drugs, and others who can’t give these addictions up, simply because they have addicted spirits attached to them. The spirits desire these substances and continue to experience them through the host’s body. A young student who had never before consumed alcohol, mentioned that he had been suddenly struck with the craving for a drink at a friend’s party that was being hosted in a dark gloomy pub. (I wasn’t surprised because one can almost be sure of encountering hordes of spirits in such places.) Most of these spirits resonate with the trapped emotions of shame and guilt in us. It’s not that these yearnings are new to us in the real sense, but that many of us suppress these desires in order to be seen as good or morally correct. But our hidden urges are not hidden from these spirits; remember, they can look through us. A majority of addictions, including the desire to gorge on food, shop endlessly, indulge in substance abuse etc are all prompted or made worse by these attached spirits.

4. Exhaustion, unexplained headaches and body pains

If your body feels heavier than usual, or if you suffer from chronic exhaustion that is accompanied by the sudden onset of aches and pains, you probably have spirits. Your life force is now sustaining other life forms, which explains why you feel so tired. I recall a client who had recently returned from a trip to Egypt. She was so tired on her return that for days she couldn’t get to her workplace until after noon and hardly lasted there for a couple of hours without a catnap. Her body ached and she couldn’t understand why she felt so lethargic. On exploring her energy field we found hundreds of spirits that she had picked up during her sight seeing trips to the tombs.
I too recall returning home with quite a few spirit souvenirs myself after visiting the Colosseum in Rome. For days I had to tie my legs in bandages just to walk around the house.

5. Fears, nightmares & interrupted prayers

One of the clearest signs of having spirits, is a noticeable disinterest in your prayer routine or spiritual practice. Spirit’s get stuck in the middle world because they have far too many things to be angry, upset, fearful or unhappy about. The last thing they want is to engage in an honest or heartfelt relationship with God, and they will do their utmost to pull you away from these practices and yearnings. So if you are now falling asleep during your meditation practice (and you didn’t earlier) or are suddenly questioning whether God really exists or listens to your prayers, if your mind is deeply distracted or irritable during prayer time, it is likely that the privacy of your energy body has been breached.
Also, often spirits transmit their fears to you and you might suddenly begin to feel scared of the dark, or fear that something terrible will happen to you. One client said she actually heard aggressive voices arguing (that no one else could hear) and she constantly worried that a fight was about to break out. She didn’t mention this to anyone in her family as she was worried that they would think she was out of her mind.
In other cases, recurring incidence of violent or threatening nightmares that wake you up in cold sweat might just be a spirit sharing its angst with you in the sleep state.

Most people want to deny that spirits exist, because their fear of the unknown prevents them from accepting such phenomena. But, the unseen world of spirits does exist. They may not ever get written about in the papers or capture your attention, but they certainly interfere with, disrupt and affect the lives of millions, in ways seemingly unfathomable.


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