9. Karma of Self Acceptance

“Like many who battle confusions about sexuality, I was no different. I pretended to do the normal thing by dating a girl, but I knew it was a lie. Forget the challenge of facing the world, i couldn’t accept my own self.


Then I met my mentor and layer by layer she peeled my confusion away. She told me that the day I learnt to accept myself, the universe would unfold it’s grace and I would be at peace.I shared my secret with my best friend, my sister and cousin. Everyone reacted with understanding & love.

The layers are still being peeled but I’m no longer confused. I am comfortable saying, yes I am Gay. Today I help others who are struggling with similar confusions to find their peace. Because I #careforkarma, I accept myself completely.”

This man was brave enough to come to terms with his inner reality. Many times complex past life patterns can compel us to make different choices from the others so that we can learn to stand up for ourselves, while we play out karmic desires and entangled complexes. It is important that we do not judge such people harshly just because their choices are different from us, but accept them lovingly without reservation, in an attitude of unity and oneness of all beings.


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