8. Karma of Self Reliance

“Get out of my house and beg if you have to, but don’t irritate me and my wife” , shouted her son as his wife stared silently.Tears rolled down her cheeks.
She knew she had to make a choice, but what was she do at 67 years of age, that too with an ailing husband?


Her only son, though well off, had abandoned her, for reasons she couldn’t understand. Who was right, who was wrong, it would take her a whole lifetime to understand. But her immediate priority was to earn and survive. She also had to arrange for her husband’s ways,tment. What was she to do? She could beg her son to let her stay in a little corner of his home. She could commit suicide. Or she could just despair and sink into a helpless state of depression.

But she did none of these. She went out and looked for work as a caretaker in a nearby home. Today she earns a respectable salary. Her employees are so happy with her services that they have given her living quarters and even offered to pay for her husband’s treatment.

Her faith and #careforkarma has ensured she lives a life of dignity. Instead of crumbling under the burden of life’s challenges and her sons harsh ways, she has found a powerful way to conquer her infirmity. She inspires me to face my life’s challenges bravely, no matter how harsh they may seem. She is a true #karmayogi.


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