Are You Lost to Pain Or Pleasure?

Jesus says

Discern and choose what needs to be cast away.

Through deep reflection the seeker must choose to let go of feelings, thoughts, experiences and relationships that no longer serve his higher self.

Symphonies cannot be heard amidst the cacophony of human clamoring.

The seeker needs to still his mind by freeing it of all desires, by letting go of all grasping and wanting because amidst desires the mind cannot be silenced and without silencing the mind, divine music cannot be heard. It is believed that when the seeker reaches an elevated state of meditation he hears the divine symphonies.

So much to take and walk away; that must be the lesson.

Jesus urges the seeker to be very measured in allowing human experiences to move him. Whenever an experience becomes too much, the seeker must walk away from it and seek to restore balance.

Pain and pleasure must both be measured.

When pleasure is too much it destroys stillness.

When pain is too much it destroys the same.

Be indifferent to both. Watch it as it wails or cries or rejoices.

Observing the ego celebrating and lamenting allows the seeker to become aware of the observer (soul) within and look upon both equally.

Whatever be the high or low, it must pass for it knows none other.

Any experience be it good or bad, happy or sad eventually passes for that is the nature of all things.

Both must settle back into the even flow.

So why be swept away with either?

Lift yourself from the quandary of submission.

The seeker is told to rise above the dilemma of what he must do when painful or pleasurable forces overwhelm him, submitting to neither.

That is to be preserved only for the Father.

The only one the seeker must submit to is the Divine Source.

He alone is worthy of bowing down to.

He alone must be the inspiration for all surrender.

Lament not for these earthly possessions of creed or conjugation.

The belief that your earthly life is real is what causes you to feel pain and creates sorrow. Knowing that you are not joined to these earthly things but are the unchanging eternal soul that allows you this experience is the only truth.

It is the eternal soul that matters.

Knowing which the hardened heart melts, the vision blurred begins to clear and the cacophony dissolves into silence.

The hard becomes soft, the blind begins to see and the unquiet becomes silent when the soul becomes known.

So be still. Watch the snake quiver. Watch it shake off its old skin. Watch it renew itself through the pain of casting it away.

Just as a snake must cast off its skin to continue living so also the seeker must let go of all old habits and fixed patterns if he wishes to evolve on this journey of the soul.

Sublime is the state that rejoices in stillness and watches pain or pleasure pass away from the window of the mind.

Tranquil is the journey that doesn’t stop or become hindered by remaining fixed to a desolate or wild spot.

When the mind is not stuck in any happy or sad experience it is tranquil.

Moving brings forth the flowing waters of the stream.

When the unstuck mind flows like the waters of the stream it is peaceful.

Changing brings forth seasons.

When the mind knows that change is eternal and cyclical it is flexible

Watching makes moving possible and changing acceptable.

Observing all experiences the seeker recognizes these truths and learns to accept them.

Through pain or pleasure simply watch.

The wailing sounds may deafen and the ecstatic pleasure may blind but both will pass.

Remember only stillness remains when both decline and become even.

Stillness remains constant. It is present beneath the pain and underlies all pleasure.

Those who do not observe it believe there is only pain and pleasure.

Those who see it and contain it find the even path through both and free themselves of all the suffering and unreasonable pleasure.

So my child, watch the stillness. Keep the gaze. Let all else come and go.

By observing all feelings, be they happy or sad, the seeker is able to rise above his emotions. Fix your mind to the pillar of that unchanging, unmoving stillness that allows you to travel through all pleasure and pain with equal steadiness through all endeavors.

Through it, you reach the gates of joy. In it, you discover the wellsprings that flow forever.

If joy be your treasure, look for it in the heart of stillness.

Dig deeper and anchor yourself in it, and therein discover the real treasure.


Prophecy channeled through Suzy Singh



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