Astral Romance

Every night the life force energy that enlivens our body leaves it to travel astrally and beyond immersing itself in the cosmic consciousness to be renewed. This happens without our conscious awareness. However when we become watchful of its departure and entry we can bring it into our conscious awareness and learn to unite with our Cosmic Creator through our meditations, immersing ourselves in the bliss of divine union at will. That is the ultimate aim of all spiritual practice or yoga.


Within this body of mine

Resides someone… unknown, unidentified

Who slips away each night

To meet its celestial lover

Somewhere in paradise


Why does it wait

Till my senses abate

And my mind loses itself

To the wanderings of my dreams

Then quietly…unnoticed

It slips away

As buy cialis though impatient to unite


So often have I tried

To keep a watchful eye

But alas it deceives

My human faculties

And amidst the stillness of life

It slips away each night

At the behest of that lover’s might


But of late I have noticed

That at the waking hour

When winds of thought begin to blow

And senses awaken a tad too slow

It rushes into my stony form

As if it were never gone


It enters first through the mind

Hoping busy thoughts will not find

That it had ever gone

From this bodily temple of mine


Soon I shall befriend it & know

Who it is and where it goes

To meet its celestial lover…each night

Leaving my body & thoughts behind

Who is it

That beckons its flow?


Someday, I too shall quietly slip away

Along with it to find

The untold story

Of these lovers

And solve the mystery

Of what lies beyond

This human mind



June 2014






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