11. Extra Marital Attraction

A chance meeting with a man years younger

than she was, reactivated a strange urge within her. It was so deep that she couldn’t help connecting with him, caring and protecting him and even embracing him as her own family. Her logical mind couldn’t make sense of her feelings but it was almost as though some force was drawing them together. How she could feel so strongly for a man she had only just met, was a question that echoed through her mind.

It did not help that she was happily married,

into her forties and had two lovely kids. To make matters even more confusing she found the man reciprocating her feelings completely. For days at end the two of them searched for a word to describe their relationship but nothing seemed clear. She came into therapy wanting to make some sense of these strange circumstances.

In a state of deep trance she saw a poor family living in mud plastered

and thatched huts in an Arab Muslim country wearing turbans and layered clothing. It was 1821 and she saw herself as a 25 year old woman aged way beyond her physical years by the merciless and harsh sun and even more harsh and uncaring husband. The only sanity in her life was her adorable son who she loved to death.

One day, during a street brawl

and breakout of a lawless situation, her husband ran away from home, leaving her alone to face the wrath of the soldiers who came shortly after and attacked her. They beat her black and blue, injuring and breaking her back. Her 11 year old son ran to her rescue, promising to protect her and take good care of her.

Just then the sepoys came again and dragged her son away.

She heard him scream, kick and wail as they dragged him through the streets. With heaven sent effort she dragged her broken body to the doorsteps of the hut, her heart screaming for her son, but she knew he was gone. There was nothing she could do to help him. Deep in her heart she knew they would eventually kill him. Her last breath was seeped with anxiety and her heart beat restlessly knowing that she had not been able to protect her dearly loved son.

That woman was the lady in my clinic and the man she had met recently, her young son from that lifetime, brutally murdered by the soldiers, and whom she had failed to protect.

Two souls, their unfinished business, two hundred years

or more apart continued to wait to be reunited as mother and son. Once again the belief is affirmed, love never dies, it seeks, it searches, and it fulfils and leads you back home to where the heart waits.



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