Jesus says

The time for slumber is over. Day and night now you have just one prayer – one word, and that is to awaken. Repeat it. Chant it until it vibrates from the very core and extends till the very end of the universe.

Let the breath carry this message to all of human life and kindred spirits. (We are being asked to quietly repeat the word awaken to ourselves as a chant in every breath. Whatever opportunity you find keep repeating this word mentally. This is the only prayer we need now. Light workers are called upon to embrace the work of awakening others with greater urgency). Let each feel this word pushing them, urging them to put aside their reverie and take it upon themselves to do the inner work. No matter how small or insignificant their bearing on this change but they must now participate.

Chant this word, let it resonate. Let every pore in every body be alerted to this call. Let sleeping cells begin to stir and know that the deepest part of your human life is now upon them (reference is being made to the darkness and negativity which is at its deepest and worst, which in Indian mythology is referred to as Kalyuga) and if they shall not play their role, they may never wake up to the morn. So assemble the entire caste and creed. (At a personal level we need to make a concerted effort by examining our beliefs, thoughts and actions and aligning them to the cause of awakening. At a universal level we must become instruments in imploring others to come together and embrace this vision).

Let there be solidarity– of effort – of method and the direction in which to convene. You know this is tireless work but one that you are more than willing to incur. So bear upon your sleeve the urgent declaration of this word and let it become the hum of human life. Like the symphony that heralds your dawn.


Prophecy channeled through Suzy


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