Born Again

Thrust forth from the cosmic womb, I wept

Where have I come?

Why did I agree?

Why is it so dark?

Why am I so inept?


As the darkness engulfed my being, I cried

I don’t belong here

This isn’t easy

I want to go back

Guess I never tried


Torn from my true source, I sighed

Drifting alone

 Feeling unaccepted


The thoughts constantly lied


Once the craving got so bad, I tried

To escape this prison

To return home

Where I belong

Only to be denied


You haven’t completed your mission, they said

I returned once again

To endure what I must

To do what is right

Though to earth I was still unwed


Once again exiled from home, I ached

I have to do this

No matter how hard

No matter how dark

This is the last time, I’m forsaked


Years of relentless doing rolled by, as I tried

Oscillating between darkness and light

 Enduring, surviving, awakening

Peeling off each layer

Slowly undoing each lie


And then it happened, I remembered

Who I am

Why I came forth

 Wherefrom I arrived

And as  the veil lifted I realised, I’m not dismembered


I’m part of the whole, I cried

One with the source

Eternal joy


Today I’m born again, knowing I’m not denied

Today I’m whole again, knowing I’m soul divine


To each and every being who has touched me, taught me, transformed me, I dedicate this pouring of my heart


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