Bring In the Change Now

As the year approaches to an end,

its time to take stock of your personal progress this year. Did you learn new things or unlearn old patterns? Did you develop new skills or overcome limiting habits? Did you balance excessive behaviours like worrying too much or working too hard? Or did you just drift without finding any focus or resolve?

Each year that goes by actually indicates

that we have lesser time to grow, evolve and accomplish our soul tasks. If you haven’t made some noteworthy progress this year in your inner landscape, there still time to do so. Focus your efforts on reversing that status over Defy your habitsthe next few days before the year ends.

For those who worked too hard,

take time off, distress, empty your mind of worries and anxieties and simply practice unwinding. Sleep late into the morning, meditate or enrol in a yoga class, go for a midday walk in the winter sun, read a good inspiring book as you sip a hot cup of green tea, listen to some relaxation music or better still, get to a spa and indulge in a full body massage.

For those who drifted through the year,

get your thoughts together and initiate some actions to make your life more purposeful. Write that resume, enrol for a new skills training program, volunteer your help at an NGO, learn something new, pull out that old art book and practice sketching or painting and draw up your goals for 2014.

Remember that balance is the key to inner peace.

Neither a state of overdrive nor passivity can bring you happiness, it must be balanced. Work and rest, play and purpose, action and surrender must go hand in hand if you wish to experience true success.

So examine what you overdid

in the year that’s slipping by and balance it before it ends. Don’t wait for New Year resolutions. It can be daunting to commit yourself to a whole 365 days and relatively easier to manage your mind for the next couple of days to accomplish new patterns that help you defy your habits and break them as you countdown to the New Year.



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