Sai Speaks: Bring the fist together (Muthi Baandho)

During a group gathering of lightworkers Sai Baba graced us with his presence and shared the following instructions and divine messages.

I am sharing these here because so often in our human collaborative efforts we lose sight of these higher principles that are so critical for success. These messages form the pillar stones of management best practices and unified  human endeavours.

Also at this time of the consciousness shift we can all learn and benefit from these important messages and incorporate them into our daily lives .The original message was received in Hindi. For the English translation, see below.


Hamare liye koi message baba?

Panchon ungaliya ikathi honee chahiyen

Tab muthi ka dam banta hai

Tum abhi tak bikhre huay kyon ho?


Jhaank ke dekho tumhe alag kya rakhta hai

Dooriyan door karo

Tab aik muthi ka dam milega tumhe


Jo apne andar bhara hai use kaise door karen Baba?

Mera aisa kyu, uska waisa kyu?

Yehi baaten to dooriyan paida karti hain

Jab aik karya mein jude ho

To uska aisa, mera waisa kyu sochte ho?

Karya tum sabse bada hai

Karya pe dhyaan rakho na


Baba aur log hain jo is karya mein hamare saath judengein?

Pehle is muthi ko jodna to seekho

Aage ki kyun sochte ho?

Kitne din se tum koshish kar rahe ho

Muthi band hi nahi ho rahi

Jud hi nahi rahi

Sab bikhre huay hain

Pehle muthi jodo


Kis taren se ye jud sakti hai,kyu ke sab log apna apna  jivan to ji hi rahen hain?

Jivan ki baat nahin hai, vicharon ki baat hai

Jis din karya tumhare vicharon se

mera aisa tera vaisa se bada hoga na

Us din muthi  judegi


Uske liye karya sabse adbhut hona chahiye tumhare liye

Sab apni apni soch rahe hain

Apna apna jivan ji rahen hain

Karya to by the way hai na?


Abhi to aisa hi lagta hai. Baba kya aap  karya ka aik updesh bata sakten hain jis se jud jaye ham sab?

Aik safai wali to baithi hai tumhare beech

Tum bhi sab jharoo pakdo na

Mil jul kar hi to kaam hota hai

Akela koi aik kitna karega?


Sahi Baba. Ye karya jo aap bata rahen hai is ki koi paribhasha, koi updesh?

Kabir ne bataya to tha tumhe

Kya kaha tha usne?

Bura jo dekhan main chala

Bura na milya koi

Jo dil khoja aapna

Mujsa bura na koye


Sahi keh rahen hai Baba. Sab sun rahen hai

Tum sab mein aik kabir hai

Mein bas itna kehna chata hoon

Chal uth kabira ab der mat kar

Tere paas samay kam hai

Kaam bahooot bada hai

Der mat kar ab


Kayi baar hum aisa kyu sochte hain ki ham bahut chote hain

 kya kar payenge, kya is samaaj mein parivartan la payenge, kya  koyi hamari baat sunega, aisa man mein bhav kyu ata hai jo rok leta hai kayi baar?

Parda khulega to peeche jhaank kar pata chalega na

Koi  kitna bada ya kitna chota hai

Parda hi nahi hilayega to peeche ki chavi kaise dikegi tujhe?

Pehle parda to utar


Aik kann mein hazaron ki himmat bhari hooti hai

Dhoond us kann ko apne andar

Tu hi keh raha than na kal?

Kann kan mein basa bhagwaan

To ja dhoond ke la apne bhagwan ko phir

Tere andar hi to basa hai


Basa to andar hi hai, dhoond bhi rahein hai, kabhi dikte hai kabhi ojhal ho jaate hain

Kyo ke parda poora nahi hataya


Sahi baat hai

Nirnay lo sab

Tareek bandho aaj ki

Aksharon mein likho

Apne bhagwan ko kaise dhoondoge?

Kya kehte ho tum log apne lafsoon mein

Plan banao


Kis ne abhi tak banaya hai plan?

Kisi ne bhi nahi

Baate karte ho par nirnaye nahi jod paate

Ye adhoorapan kyoon?

Baat aur nirnay ka hi jod nahi hai

Aur phir kaam karne ke bare mein pooch rahe ho


Sahi baat hai. Samaj aur parivaar ke bandhan mein kyu phas jaate hai ham, kyu nahi nikal pate?

Tum nikalna hi nahi chahte

Ye baithi hai na mere paas

Samaj mein bhi hai, parivar mein bhi hai

Kaise kar rahi hai?


Isi tarah sab kar sakten hai

Bas aik nirnay lena hai

Aur kuch nahi

Abhi tak sab yehi soch rahe hain

Nirnaya loon; na loon


Aik mithya mein phasen hai

ke ham kuch karne ja rahein hain

Kya karna hain

Sirf nirnay hi to  lena hai

Baki to khud ba khud karya hoga


Main me phase ho na?

Main karya karoonga

Pehle mein ko utaaro

Phir kann ki shakti milegi tumhe

Main mein se nahi nikal paa rahe ho


Yehi to raaz hai

Jis din main ka bhanda phoda

Us mein se kann milega tumhe

Aur kan mein chipa tumhara bhagwan


Ab dhoondo apne main ko

Aur brisht karo uski shakti

Sab saaf ho jayega

Saral ho jayega

Kuch karne ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi phir

Apne aap hoga voh.


Thankyou… thankyou… Baba


English translation of Baba’s message


Any message for us Baba?

Only when the five fingers come together

Can you garner the strength of the fist

Why then are you all still so scattered?


Look within to find what it is that keeps you apart

Get rid of the distances

Then only will you experience the strength of a fist


How do we get rid of all the stuff that we are filled with Baba?

Why is mine this way, and his that way?

These are the things that create the distances

When you have come together for one task

Then why think, his is that way and mine this way

The task is superior to you all

Keep the attention on the task


Baba, will other people be joining us in this task?

First learn to bring this fist (group) together

Why think of what lies ahead?

You been trying since so many days

But this fist is not forming

Just not coming together

Everyone is apart

First bring the fist together


What is required for this fist to be formed because each one of us is anyway living our daily lives?

It’s not about your lives, it’s about your thoughts

The day the task is superior to your thoughts

Superior to this his way and my way  of thinking

That day the fist will come together


For that the task must be of utmost importance to you

Each one is only thinking of himself

Living his individual life

The task is peripheral –by the way, is it not?


It seems like that currently. Baba can you give us one objective of this task so it can bring us together?

There is one cleaner woman amidst you

(Baba is referring to someone in the group and to the process of doing the inner work which involves cleaning up our karmas, thoughts, attitudes, way of being and supporting others in doing the same.)

You too should get hold of the broom

Together the work can be done

How much can one do alone?


That’s right Baba. This task you are referring to, can you give us a definition or an objective of it?

The saint Kabir did tell you

What did he say?

When I went in search of darkness

I couldn’t find it anywhere

But when I looked inside my heart

I found it hidden there


You are right Baba. We are all listening

There is a Kabir within each one

All I want to say is this

Rise oh Kabira now do not delay

For time is short

And the task enormous

So do not delay now


Why is it that sometimes we think that we are too small?

We wonder what can we achieve, can we bring any change in our society, will anyone listen to us, why do these thoughts arise in our minds and stop us from doing the task?

Only when the veil is lifted can you unravel what lies behind

Can you know how big or how small you really are

If you don’t lift the veil how will you see your true image?

First lift the veil


A single particle contains the strength of a thousand

Find that particle within you

Wasn’t it you who was mentioning yesterday

That God dwells in each particle?

Then go in search of your God

He dwells within your self


Yes he does dwell within and I am searching for him. Sometimes I do also glimpse him but then somehow I lose sight of him.

Because you haven’t lifted the veil fully yet


That is right

All of you take a call

This very day

Make note of it

How are you going to search for God?

What do you say in your words?

Yes, make a plan


Who has made a plan till date?

No one has

So much talk but you are unable to take a firm call

Why this incompleteness?

Your word and your call are not connected

And then you ask how you may fulfil the task


You are right. Why do we lose ourselves in social and familial bondage, why are we unable to break free of it?

Because you don’t wish to break free

This one sitting next to me (referring to one of the group members)

She is in the society and in the family

How does she do it?


So also each one can do it

All it takes is one call

Nothing more

Till now each is immersed in thinking

Should I; should I not


You are lost in the illusion

That you are going to do something

What is there to do?

A call is all you need to take

The rest will happen on its own


You are lost in the I

I will do the task

First remove the I

Then you will receive the strength of the particle

You are unable to let go of the I


This is the secret

The day you break the shell of the I

You will discover the particle within it

And in that particle you will discover God


Now go in search of your I

And destroy its power

Everything will be clear

It will become simple

You will need to do nothing at all

For then all will happen on its own. 

Thankyou …Thankyou… Baba



One Comment

  1. Dana says:

    “Lift the veil… and get hold of the broom!!!” How many of us actually hold the ‘broom’ and how many expect our ‘servants’ to do it? In my nearest surrounding people ask me to do even protective shield for them. Forget all the other bandhans, healing energies, etc.

    No results without hard work… The only problem is that ourSelf is taken for granted and hardly any daily ‘work hours’ are dedicated to our inner work. Well, health problems and other disturbances poke us like a foul smell and motivate us to start disposing off our garbage… Everyone likes nice fragrance. Nobody likes the odor. Regular inner bath is not any luxury. It is a necessity!!!

    Thank you Suzy for this translation. I’m so blessed to be a part of this fist and I hope to witness it become stronger and stronger…



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