Can Bad Karmic Deeds be Settled Kindly?

Often when we think of redemption of karma, we expect a harsh act in one life, to be settled in an equally violent way in a future lifetime. Yesterday’s session revealed that karma’s record keepers have many ingenious ways of restoring balance. Love can sometimes be used by a soul to avenge the cruelty of death. Surprised? Well, perhaps the story itself shall explain this better.Karma Nandi Bull

A woman and her young son are chased by her ex lover on horseback. He is out to get her. On the mothers behest, the son is urged to run to safety and he escapes, but the mother is caught and killed. The man’s parting words before he strikes her are, you couldn’t be mine so you will just have to die. He loved her, but not enough to let her live with another man.

Years later, this man is reborn as a woman, who eventually gives birth to a baby girl. They grow up to develop a strong bond of love. Yet, like every mother, she must give her daughter in marriage to another man. The mother’s deep love for her child heals the wounds of that past life. Her unconditional love is the price and the repayment for the act of killing in the throes of possessive passion. She now respects her daughters choices. She gives her space and freedom to live life as she wants. But above all, she learns to let her daughter be loved by another man. The selfish love of the lover is transformed into the selfless love of a mother. Karma’s scales are thus balanced.

However, forgiveness is incomplete on three accounts which is undertaken during the session. The woman forgives the jilted lover as she affirms, even though you cut short my life back then, I forgive you. Even though you separated me from my son and family, I forgive you. Even though you imposed your will on me, I forgive you. And the entanglement of karma starts to dissolve.

Love and forgiveness are powerful tools in the redemption of karma. It doesn’t always have to be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Karma can be kind too.



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