Can Cancer Be Healed?

Is it possible to heal a cancer patient with spiritual healing methods?

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There have been many published and unpublished cases where cancer patients have gone into remission, astounding their attending doctors by choosing and embracing spiritual healing methods. The most important aspect which forms the foundations of such healing is whether the person suffering truly wants to heal and has the inner will to do so. This usually occurs when  there is a larger purpose which becomes the driving force and motivation for healing.

If the patient comes into therapy only to please his family

then usually healing does not occur. If on the other hand if the individual wants to live because he feels driven by some  unfinished business, a deep unfulfilled aspiration or a higher purpose, then the chances of healing are very high.

Additionally the will to commit oneself to a regimen

of daily healing practices and the willingness to let go of past hurts and pain under the guidance of an able therapist who can offer the right balance of compassion and firmness, empathy and instruction are important to catalyze the process of healing.

At the most basic level,

cancer like all other diseases is an imbalance in the vibrational frequency of the human cellular structure. Restoring these frequencies  through the multitude of spiritual healing methods and harmonizing the inner universe of the patient is what causes remission to occur.

This having been said, know that sometimes death itself

is the healing that might be required, for the soul may be tired and may wish to rest before it revisits the earth plane to continue on its karmic journey. In such cases spiritual healing can help immensely to bring closure to the hardships and unresolved griefs of the present life, making death a better and more fulfilling experience as the soul can then exit this life with greater peace.



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