Can hypnosis heal my condition?

Hypnosis is a scientifically accepted therapeutic technique and offers relief in several untreatable dis-eases such as fibromyalgia

Hypnosis is a fascinating tool that is fast gaining popularity internationallyamongst psychologists to treat a vast array of afflictions. Although traditionally used in the treatment of war victims and as a substitute for anaesthesia in surgeries and dental treatment, hypnosis is now being re-discovered as a powerful holistic healing tool in the treatment of several other diseases.

Medical hypnosis is now being employed in the treatment of cancer patients and other ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), psychogenic weakness, paralysis, chronic constipation, headaches, vertigo, eczema and hyperhidrosis, panic attacks and unexplained inorganic aches and pains such as muscular knots and fibromyalgia.

As the medical fraternity recognises the mind, body and spirit connections they are increasingly open to integrating this method of healing to support traditional medicine. Hypnotherapy is approved by both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association.


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