Can You Get Stuck In The Past During Regression?

Just as you can remember

what you did on your last birthday or recall the last time you had a wonderful meal, so also recalling the memories of your past lives appears naturally, as images of another time.

When you think of your last birthday,

you are in effect re-living images of a time gone by. But you cant possibly get stuck in your last birthday by merely thinking about it, can you? Similarly you can never get stuck in a past life by remembering or reliving it.

Many people recall their childhood

memories but they do not become little children again by thinking about those memories.

It is virtually impossible for you to get stuck

in another time, regardless of what anyone might tell you. Many people regress spontaneously to their past live while in meditation or even when they are day dreaming. Be rest assured that you will always be back in the present time once your mind has accessed the memory that it needs to recover from the subconscious mind for your healing.


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