Is Healing Possible When All Have Given Up?

A 50 year old man, fast approaching

bankruptcy came to meet me looking for a solution to his failing health and business. He had traveled the world over and met doctors, healers, men and women of religion, new age gurus, tantrics and magicians in search of a solution but they had been unable to arrest his deterioration.

While most of his medical reports

were normal, he had been diagnosed with a benign arachnoid cyst on his right temple in the brain, which the doctors believed could not be responsible for his loss of focus and short term memory, lack of balance in his legs making him wobbly and causing manic depressive behaviors.

During the intake interview and the

subsequent cognitive therapy that followed, I discovered that this man had felt deeply neglected since his early childhood. He had developed a self sabotaging behavioral pattern fairly early in life, complaining about his providers to the world at large in the hope of getting attention which only antagonized his providers even more and pushed them further away.

To make matters worse he was labelled

as the curse bearer of the family who would bring upon their downfall by an insensitive astrologer causing his loved ones to look upon him with doubt instead of love.

As he grew into his teen years

he became increasingly aggressive adopting a rebel archetype to protect himself from the pain of an unworthy existence. The harder he tried to protect his ego, the more damage he caused in his relationships resulting in his seclusion and near isolation where people began avoiding him like the plague. At 50 he was still single and craved to be married and have a normal life.

Over time he became a virtual recluse.

His loneliness made him even more negative and his anger grew deeper roots making him so aggressive that he was on some occasions considered unsafe to be around. He lamented and complained that all the people he had done well for in his better times had not reciprocated nor been by his side when he needed them.

Little did he know that he was merely

projecting the hardness of his own mind onto the world seeing it as evil. Today, he had lost even himself to this spiral of negativity openly declaring that he hated himself. He had lost all balance and direction to his life.

Typically the biology of a cyst involves

a separation from adjoining tissues and isolation within an enclosed membrane creating a closed sac like structure. This man’s body was holographically reflecting his life. His persistently angry and negative thinking about everyone he encountered and more recently himself, resulted in manifesting the cyst in his brain.

When you repeatedly think negative thoughts

about others by blaming, judging or being jealous consistently you are in effect causing yourself to break away from the oneness of all creation and you cut yourself away from the spiritual threads that bind all of life in an eternal web of the God particle. You perceive yourself as separate. This diminishes your ability to remain in the flow of giving and receiving, of being connected to the ONE and you become an island just like the cyst in your biology.

He called after his first visit to ask

one question. Do you believe I can heal knowing that all have given up? My answer was, yes I do.

Miracles happen when we understand

that the macrocosm and our internal microcosm are intrinsically interlinked. This man needs to weed out his unwholesome beliefs and embrace those that will unite him back to the world around him again. His life will begin to transform as his world view changes. When he starts to see his relatives as extensions of himself that he must love and care for instead of viewing them as bad debts or agenda driven business partners, friends as miracle makers who make life worth living and sharing, employees as specialists who earn him his bread through their hard work and staff and domestic servants as helpers who make his life easier and more comfortable instead of paid labor that he can command, his life will assume a new sweetness. He will find purpose, balance and direction.

He needs to embrace all the people

in his life to heal it. He needs to give love so he may become worthy of receiving it. He needs to let go of his anger and his obsessive need to complain. He needs to seek forgiveness and forgive those that he might consider his perpetrators. He needs to understand the sanctity in unity. He needs to comprehend that God is found in the oneness and not in the disconnected parts and that healing means vibrating in compliance with the God principle.

Any other way of living and being

is imbalanced, unworthy and unwholesome, and defies the very purpose of human incarnation.



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