Can we postpone this effort or is there an urgency of some sorts?

We can only say the TIME IS NOW. Don’t waste a minute. You need to build critical mass and it isn’t going to happen in a day, a month or even in a year. But as the mass builds up you will resist the forces that oppose the move and then when you have revved up your engines completely and are ready to takeoff, it will happen in the blink of an eye, but when, where and how will be determined by the energy that you garner up, the speed at which you build the critical mass. Which is why we say don’t waste a minute. Start now. It all depends on the collective force. It is in your hands only. If you subscribe to the insights presented by us, it is actually quite simple. The only barrier is that you must receive this information. Don’t let it fall on deaf ears; don’t. Don’t just read it and forget it(which you all are very prone to doing). Act upon it. And the world will be yours for the asking.


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