Life Positive, August 2016

In this article published in the August 2016 issue of the Life Positive Magazine, India’s, leading Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine, i share the story of my tryst with spirit and my near death experience.

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India Today Magazine July 2000

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Life Positive March 1999

Channeling – CHANNEL BE   by Swami Anand Sidhartha Entities from various dimensions channeled the following message for mankind through light worker Suzy Singh A few weeks prior to a powerful vision, I had a mystical encounter with an enlightened spiritual couple from the USA. It was Deva, their male aspect, who first asked me to bring together the power of female energies in a group to support the collective consciousness. At that time, I wasn’t certain if I was ready for the task. I quietly brushed the request into my deeper subconscious. However, the universe sent me a...

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Life Positive Magazine Dec 1998

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Outlook Magazine 7 December 1998

The Age Of Aquarius Follow it and you’re elevated to a higher cosmic plane. Don’t, and you’re dead anyway. Shoma Chaudhury SUZY Singh, formerly the GM of Lintas, Bangalore, claims she was “celestially initiated” in Wynad, Kerala, a year ago “by a channelled message from ascended masters on the other side of the veil”. Masters who told her that she had been “chosen” to help usher humanity into the New Age. With the celestial voices ringing persistently in her ear, Suzy gave up her successful corporate career in May this year and moved to...

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First City Magazine Sept 1998

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