Body Shaming Hurts Men Too

It’s a myth that only women suffer from body shaming & not men. The assumption driving this belief is that men care only about career shaming, about where one works, how much one earns & the symbols of success one flaunts. In an Instagram and snapchat driven world, where edited selfies & perfect faces drive desire, male beauty is more prominent than ever. The truth that unfolds in my clinical research is that men worry as much about their bodies as women. Some of the issues that cause them immense worry include; 1. Male breasts & the need to hide them. This...

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Lessons From the Land of Happiness – Bhutan

#1. Sameness breeds Contentment As we sit by the Wangchu Riverside at Terma Linka, in Thimphu, under a silvery moon with colored flags flapping in the chilly breeze, many interesting insights sprout in my awareness about the happiness quotient of this place. I love the way the Bhutanese people all dress the same way. When no one needs to stand out and be seen as different, life becomes a lot easier and much less complicated. The sameness in their dress code symbolically reminds me of how we are all similar in our struggles, our needs, our desires & hopes. Here everyone blends in. No one...

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Why God Won’t Give Till We Ask

Two days ago, on a Facebook chat, my soul brother pointed out to me that overcoming all our fears didn’t automatically make us more loving. Love he emphasized, needed to be cultivated, and it was our progression in love that determined our state of oneness with God. I argued that love was a spontaneous, evolutionary urge that sprang from our hearts when the damage in our soul was healed. He agreed to disagree and advised me to explore God’s truth on this matter, which I willingly took up (I am always excited about exploring the unknown). That night I prayed for the truth to be...

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9. Karma of Self Acceptance

“Like many who battle confusions about sexuality, I was no different. I pretended to do the normal thing by dating a girl, but I knew it was a lie. Forget the challenge of facing the world, i couldn’t accept my own self. Then I met my mentor and layer by layer she peeled my confusion away. She told me that the day I learnt to accept myself, the universe would unfold it’s grace and I would be at peace.I shared my secret with my best friend, my sister and cousin. Everyone reacted with understanding & love. The layers are still being peeled but I’m no longer...

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8. Karma of Self Reliance

“Get out of my house and beg if you have to, but don’t irritate me and my wife” , shouted her son as his wife stared silently.Tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew she had to make a choice, but what was she do at 67 years of age, that too with an ailing husband? Her only son, though well off, had abandoned her, for reasons she couldn’t understand. Who was right, who was wrong, it would take her a whole lifetime to understand. But her immediate priority was to earn and survive. She also had to arrange for her husband’s ways,tment. What was she to do? She...

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7. Karma of Service Before Self

“She came into my life almost 13 years ago when I was finding it hard to cope with life’s trials. I was new to Mumbai and she was a counsellor who would come home every week and spend time with me, lifting my spirit and helping me sort out my mind. This went on for years and we grew really close. Five years back, I had a miscarriage and at the same time she was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma. It came as a rude shock to me. But even though she really suffered, she didn’t lose her smile. She fought her illness bravely with such positivity. A couple of months later, I had to...

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