5. Karma of Responsible Choice

Pubs, girls and parties were all he cared about. He hoped they would fill the emptiness in his life and mask the feelings of unworthiness that he so often felt inside. With each passing day his life seemed more and more futile. No one in his family as much as noticed him, and even though the girls came and went, life seemed so meaningless. Not knowing what else to do, he did what he least expected himself to. He booked an appointment with a spiritual mentor that a friend had referred him to. She introduced him to a way of life he had never heard of before. It all seemed so different, but he...

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4. Karma of Courage

Struggle was her middle name. She had strived to be seen and heard even as a child but years later when she was married into a highly educated family, she was often humiliated and criticized. After all she wasn’t highly educated like the rest of her relatives. The constant humiliation did not break her spirit but something else did. One day, a strange twist of fate, did her in. She was poisoned by the maid who stole her gold chain and it was a miracle that she even survived. Unknown to her, she was pregnant with her second child at that time. After nine long months her daughter was...

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3. Karma of Compassion

Her domestic staff simply loves working for her. And they have stuck around for quite a while. This little episode will explain just why, in these times, when helpers barely stick around for even a few months, she manages to anchor them permanently. For all of last week her cook was really busy helping her with the renovations in the house. He would water the plants on her terrace in the scorching sun, make tea for the ten odd contractors twice a day, cook for the entire family including the meals she sent to her in-laws place, and even attend to her dog. He simply had no time to rest or even...

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2. Karma of Seva (service)

She spends several hours each day making sure the gates are locked & everyone is safe. She has no reason to do this except to make sure we are all safe. You see, no one helped her parents when their house was robbed some years ago. They suffered the trauma alone, because no one had volunteered to make their colony safe. But now she makes sure no one ever has to suffer that fate again. She relentlessly organises everything needed to make our colony safe. She drives the security initiative, from managing the security systems, supervising the guards, visiting the elderly in the colony and...

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1. Karma of Giving

She did up the entire home to welcome them. From painting walls, to buying furniture, unpacking their belongings, settling their cupboards, even having dinner ready, complete with flowers and a welcome cake. And she did all this for love, chanting as she went about the madness with the electricians and carpenters for many days. No, she isn’t their daughter. She is their beautiful daughter-in-law. And she truly inspires me to #careforkarma today. She makes me want to be more sensitive, more compassionate and more giving in everyday small ways. Do you know of people whose random acts...

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What is #careforkarma?

We are constantly bombarded with negative information and thoughts from our environment. Be it the daily news, the scams, the terror, the social injustices or merely the casual conversations and gossip among peers, family & friends; bad news, dis-satisfactions, resentments, jealousies and upsets overwhelm our lives everyday. Do you know what this does to your mind and mental states? These thoughts permeate your consciousness, bathing you in a pool of negativity that expands fear and fearful occurrences. At a personal level it increases your unconscious levels of stress, making you...

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