Who Would I Be?

Who would i be, if i was fearless? i wonder. Would i be more daring, If i didn’t fear making mistakes? Would i be more adventurous, If i didn’t fear getting stuck in unpleasant places? Would i be more fun loving, If i didn’t fear being shamed? Who would i be, if i didn’t fear pain? i wonder. How would i live life, if uncertainty didn’t frighten me? If losing my spouse to death, didn’t scare so much? Or the thought of my child suffering, didnt crumble me in an instant? Or even if my own dying, didn’t seemed so unthinkable? Who would i be, if i...

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Astral Romance

Every night the life force energy that enlivens our body leaves it to travel astrally and beyond immersing itself in the cosmic consciousness to be renewed. This happens without our conscious awareness. However when we become watchful of its departure and entry we can bring it into our conscious awareness and learn to unite with our Cosmic Creator through our meditations, immersing ourselves in the bliss of divine union at will. That is the ultimate aim of all spiritual practice or yoga.   Within this body of mine Resides someone… unknown, unidentified Who slips away each night To...

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So often the aspiring spiritual aspirant gives up his meditation practice too soon because he feels frustrated that he is not getting results. Despondent and frustrated he abandons his practice and feels that he can no longer go on. This however is the victory of his darker impatient nature which is what he is trying to wean off through his practice. It is at times like this that the aspirant must turn away from his negative thoughts and using the power of his will persist in his efforts despite all odds. He must continue his practice.   I sat in the dark Seeing nothing Alone &...

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My home adorned by angels and altars That anchored the power of recurring miracles   Old patterns collapsed So many beliefs crumbled Upon that razed past Grace was abundant   New light shone through Breakthroughs encountered New hopes, new visions And appointed purpose   Emerged from the womb Of the creators direction We thank you lord For your endless guidance.   Having concluded a Grace filled Mentee intensive, I am once again overcome with bewilderment at the Lords unceasing compassion, love and support. In the parting words of my Mentee;  Going back I have the...

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Faceless am I Scattered parts of a whole Struggling to merge To sync with the rhythm To seek out… my own   Groping in the dark In search of light Hoping to find Love in the shadows To escape…the deceit and lies   Searching for my Self On every stage Drowning voices Of contempt and praise I yearn for truth…but in vain   Oh formless One I do beseech Show me the truth Help me redeem Faith that you exist…even in me   The music gathers The light descends Portals of unseen heavens commend My name is called I am beckoned…homecoming at last I...

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You proclaimed my bud a weed Before it could unfold But that doesn’t make it Less beautiful as told   It grows in the garden of my life And I will watch over its every strife Protecting, guarding and guiding Its journey towards the light   A million hurts Buried in your heart Unknown to me I know not my part   And yet you choose To nurse the pain All my attempts to learn why You fling aside in vain   So if you cannot find it in your heart To let bygones be for just a start We may just come upon a fork Where our paths begin to part   For misplaced hurt and...

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