Sai Explains Why We Worship Deities

Me: Baba, if God is within us, then why do we pray to these external gods and deities? Sai: All the external gods and deities are reflections of the divine powers that reside within you. Me: Then why should we pray to them? Sai: So that you may awaken those powers within you. In essence, the one you pray to is none other than your own true SELF. Recognize who you truly are, and what your real potential is. All that is needed is for you to awaken these forces in you. Me: But for me YOU are God! (Message received in Hindi. For English translation see below) Sai says: Agar meri chavi tujhe us...

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Bhagavan Shri Veda Vyasa Speaks

Bhagavan Shri Veda Vyasa an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered the greatest seer, poet, guru, author and philosopher in Hindu religion. He is the author of the Mahabharata,Vedas and Puranas. He graced us with his presence during one of my deep trance states amongst a group of lightworkers. Following are excerpts from his chanelled messages: The path to immortality lies in the existence of the sublimated self. The mortal beings perish. It is only the soul that you must learn to cherish. That attempt makes one immortal. My texts explain this, but in vain, the text is barely understood (He...

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