What is Past Life Regression?

Memories of all that has ever happened to us in our past incarnations and lives are stored in the primitive part of the subconscious mind.  These may be retrieved during states of mild and deep trance either intentionally for clinical reasons by a trained therapist or experienced spontaneously by some people during meditation and dreaming. Remarkable healings and symptomatic relief from physical, emotional and mental  afflictions become  possible through the reliving of these past lives as blocked energies and somatic charges are released. Unexplained physical pains can vanish, fears...

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Can You Get Stuck In The Past During Regression?

Just as you can remember what you did on your last birthday or recall the last time you had a wonderful meal, so also recalling the memories of your past lives appears naturally, as images of another time. When you think of your last birthday, you are in effect re-living images of a time gone by. But you cant possibly get stuck in your last birthday by merely thinking about it, can you? Similarly you can never get stuck in a past life by remembering or reliving it. Many people recall their childhood memories but they do not become little children again by thinking about those memories. It...

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Why Is Regressing So Important For Your Healing?

If you wish to clean up anything you need to get your hands dirty. There’s no way you can heal the past without facing it. But if for some reason you are not yet prepared to deal with those life issues at this present moment, the universe has created perfect checks and balances. You will simply not regress because your subconscious mind will not grant permission for your awareness to travel into that space and time. It is also important to understand that all emotions and thoughts whether past or present are nothing but energies that live within you. You can choose to keep them as they...

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Does Everyone Regress?

Not everyone regresses at the first instance. This may be because they are too anxious, to attached or concerned about the process or simply unable to achieve a relaxed state of mind. In some instances, if one is not intuitively ready to address the traumas of the past and needs to wait until a future time when they are more prepared, regression may be difficult to achieve. Others who are very intellectual & logical or have a great need to be in control of themselves may also not regress. Fears such as those of being manipulated or controlled by the therapist or those who have some...

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Will I See My Past Unfolding Like a Movie During Regression?

It is rather rare for people to see a past life as though they were viewing a film. Each person has his own unique way of perceiving or recalling a past life and so will you. Reports on individual perceptions vary vastly. Some people relive past lives as vivid pictures flashing through their minds, others see them as wispy fleeting images that all seem to connect up intuitively like in a dream, still others state that they have an auditory experience almost as though someone is narrating the story to them and then there are instances when a kind of inner awareness opens up and you simply...

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Why Some People Don’t Regress And How They Can

Recently a few people have asked me why some people do not regress or appear to be not hypnotizable. Going by historical statistics about 15% of the total population of humans fall into this category, however my recent research indicates there may be ways to help these 15% overcome their blocked inner seeing. I have encountered three types of mindsets in those who are unable to regress. One set of people are primarily disbelievers in the human capability to retrieve past lives or long term memories and this disbelief is made further complex by the erroneous expectation that if it were...

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