Inner Healing Intensive – For the Advanced Seeker

If you have already  been on your spiritual journey and wish to accelerate your growth by gaining deep insights and learning tools that can help you acquire mastery over your life then this course is perfectly suited for you. By undergoing this 20 week online intensive with the option of several therapy and healing sessions either through skype or face to face at my Clinic in Delhi you will receive the following life changing benefits. 1. Acquire a deep understanding about your life 2. Identify the limiting programs that cause you to feel inadequate in some way 3. Re-solve these limiting...

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Change your Life Mentorship (CYLM) Program -Remote/Beginners

Feedback about the program – Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva, Delhi 2015 Ever since I commenced the CYLM Program I am able to accept and love myself more. I have also developed more compassion for others. By looking inwards, I have had the opportunity to see and identify various shortcomings in me and have been able to overcome them which has made my life so much better. I am now entrusted with various tools to live my life lovingly. This course has helped me understand that I am the orchestrator of my life and by healing my inner self, I can change my external reality. If you want to...

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Food for the Soul Course Level 1 (Age 10-14 Years)

The thoughts and ideas your children are exposed to now will form the blueprint of who they turn out to be as adults. Do you want your children to learn only the language of materialism, consumerism and competition or do you wish for them to have the deeper knowledge of the soul too? Do you want them to cultivate love, understanding, patience, compassion, acceptance and other such values? Do you want to equip them to deal effectively and boldly with life’s ups and downs? Do you want them to have a deep connection with their inner self and be the masters of their destiny? If so, it’s...

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