What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is a Cosmic Healing Energy that is channelled by the healer from source and transmitted to the recipient. It was used in ancient times by various prophets to heal humanity but was lost, only to be rediscovered in the 1600’s by Mikao Usui of Japan. Reiki healing can be administered by laying on of hands on the body of the person needing it. The hands are laid on at specific chakra positions to allow for maximum absorption of the energies. Reiki can also be delivered through time and space through the use of powerful ancient symbols.

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How does Reiki work?

Reiki healing is a powerful and self intuitive healing vibration that enters the crown chakra of an attuned healer and is transmitted through the chakra points in the healers hands, to the recipient. This energy is then directed to the afflicted and imbalanced areas in the person’s subtle and physical bodies causing realignments, rebalancing and restorative work at the energetic and cellular level. The use of appropriate secret symbols can direct this energy to work at specific levels of the energy body dissolving blocks, clearing negative residues and enhancing the effects of healing.

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What Ailments can be Healed with Reiki?

This is a miraculous healing method that has no limitations and has been known to heal almost all human ailments including physical, mental and emotional problems. The success of the healing depends on the commitment and desire of the recipient to truly heal himself and the purity of the healer channelling the Reiki light. The cleaner the channel transmitting this light, the more powerfully the Reiki energies can flow through.

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What Does the Person Receiving Reiki Experience?

If the healing involves laying on of hands the recipient usually feels intense heat emanating from the hands of the healer. He is likely to feel powerful relaxation and many often drift off to sleep. In some cases people may also experience light trance states. Some people recall past lives or remember long forgotten experiences that emerge to assist the process of learning, insight and healing so that the recipient can let go of old painful memories and experience freedom from emotional baggage.

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What Does the Person Receiving Remote Reiki Healing Have to Do?

At the outset, healing must be requested for. Reiki being a divine healing modality, it is in complete alignment with the karmic philosophy of the planet and is guided by the principle of free will. Sending Reiki healing to a person who does not wish to receive it, will have no healing impact, as the healing frequency will simply bounce off their bodies and not be absorbed. So the first essential is that the recipient themselves must request for the healing. a well wisher or loved one asking for healing to be sent to another is in violation of the principle of freewill unless off course this...

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Is Remote Reiki Healing as Powerful as Laying on of Hands?

Both modalities are equally powerful. The use of secret symbols makes distance or remote healing extremely effective in the hands of a sensitive healer. If the healer has psychic abilities, he/she can connect with the higher unconscious mind of the recipient and gain powerful insights that can complement the healing process even better. People receiving remote healing report similar effects such as deep relaxation, drifiting peacefully off to sleep despite being in pain, entering light trance states as if day dreaming and usually emerge from the session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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