Stirrings Of My Soul Shared With You 2

   Often we wonder if that little voice matters, if we ought to listen to its whispers and change or plans and decisions. Those are the times that God speaks to us and sadly we ignore it.   A life without purpose is like slow death. A Life without passion is like being comatose. Seek purpose, pursue it with passion and you will heal all the evils in your life.   As long as we look the other way and pretend our demons don’t exist they play up more powerfully wanting to be acknowledged.Love and acceptance tames the most powerful demons  including those within us. Are you...

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Stirrings Of My Soul Shared With You 1

All of life is interconnected. It is the same hunger, the same yearnings and the same fallibility that bring us together. When the sun sets on our lives it is the same death that takes us beyond. Why then do we choose to think we are apart when we are so similar?   Tranquility is a place where the world ends and stillness begins to draw you closer to the light, the fragrance of spirit’s blossoms and the calm waters of surrender.   When you allow your inner Light to radiate out, it brings joy and tranquility to others lives and the light reflects back their goodness,...

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