How to Rise Above Pain?

Last night in my dream state, it dawned on me that both the ‘experiencer consciousness’ as well as the ‘observer consciousness’ that dwell in me were the two oars that could help me row the boat of my soul across the river of life. While intellectually i was aware of this, i hadn’t quite experienced it as vividly as i did in that dream state. I was shown that when i encountered a difficult experience, my natural tendency was to become acutely attached to the terrible feelings i was undergoing. I became my pain, my panic, my fear, my restlessness, my emptiness....

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Can Bad Karmic Deeds be Settled Kindly?

Often when we think of redemption of karma, we expect a harsh act in one life, to be settled in an equally violent way in a future lifetime. Yesterday’s session revealed that karma’s record keepers have many ingenious ways of restoring balance. Love can sometimes be used by a soul to avenge the cruelty of death. Surprised? Well, perhaps the story itself shall explain this better. A woman and her young son are chased by her ex lover on horseback. He is out to get her. On the mothers behest, the son is urged to run to safety and he escapes, but the mother is caught and killed. The...

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What is Dharma?

Every sphere of existence has a natural order, which when followed brings peace and prosperity. This natural order not only defines how all things in their ideal state of purity are to be, but it also points to the repercussions of disturbing this pure state. All modifications, deviations and disruptions to this natural state have consequences, which are usually uncomfortable, and which we humans recognise as suffering. Water must flow, when we try to contain it, it stagnates or bursts forth with a disruptive force. Flowing water nourishes and nurtures but when the natural order is...

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5 Signs of Spirit Attachements

Spirits come to us through the law of attraction. They know the true state of our soul because they have passed over from the world of illusion and they are better able to perceive our reality beyond all the self deceptions and masks we wear. They know the dark, fearful thoughts we unconsciously think but blatantly deny. They sense the damage we have suffered, causing the fractures in our psyche, even though we remain blissfully ignorant of them or choose to deny them. They resonate with and exacerbate our unloving desires, addictions and fears, as we remain unaware, though not always...

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Spirit Attachement – A Fresh Perspective

Somehow the words spirit attachment have always brought forth a feeling of dread. At first there is the fear of having been attacked by some unseen force. Then perhaps the anxiety of what these body-less entities might do to you. If you manage to get past these initial apprehensions, you might be flummoxed with the inevitable transference effects, physical, emotional and intellectual that these spirits impose upon you as their minds blend into your energy body. Now i must confess here that even though I’ve had the opportunity to observe this phenomenon extensively, it still bothers...

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5 Psychic Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

1. Activation of the sub 200 emotions on the Map of Consciousness: When you consume alcohol, the controlling effect of the conscious mind blurs, activating the various negative emotions such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anger and pride in their various shades. These are listed below the 200 level on the David Hawkins Map of Human Consciousness. This fascinating map profiles the entire human condition, allowing a comprehensive analysis of the emotional and spiritual development of individuals. What happens under the effect of alcohol is that the voices of your unresolved conflicts...

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