Spirit Attachement – A Fresh Perspective

Somehow the words spirit attachment have always brought forth a feeling of dread. At first there is the fear of having been attacked by some unseen force. Then perhaps the anxiety of what these body-less entities might do to you. If you manage to get past these initial apprehensions, you might be flummoxed with the inevitable transference effects, physical, emotional and intellectual that these spirits impose upon you as their minds blend into your energy body. Now i must confess here that even though I’ve had the opportunity to observe this phenomenon extensively, it still bothers...

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10 Great Insights to Overcome Relationship Woes With Your Girlfriend

From the diary of a young man, a client shares his insights after digesting the information gleaned at a therapy session on healing his insecurities. 1. Discover your control dramas & give them up. I had always looked at anger as a necessary coping mechanism to be heard in my relationships. But I learnt from this session, that anger was just my way of reacting when I felt threatened. I can be happier if I remain calm. Regardless of how angry or intimidating my girlfriend may sound, I can choose to be calm and still be firm & assert myself. If i keep my center anchored and balanced,...

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25. Ho’oponopono Practice

This ancient Hawaiian practice was used by the natives of Hawaii for healing and reconciliation in families. It employs the three powerful limbs of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude to clear the mind of resentment, anger, rejection and separation. When performed regularly, with an attitude of sanctity, this practice can have profound effects and heal the deepest of hurts that prevent you from accepting and loving others. The method that I have found most effective is shared below: 1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Bring to mind the presence of the person you wish to...

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5 Psychic Effects Of Drinking Alcohol

1. Activation of the sub 200 emotions on the Map of Consciousness: When you consume alcohol, the controlling effect of the conscious mind blurs, activating the various negative emotions such as shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, anger and pride in their various shades. These are listed below the 200 level on the David Hawkins Map of Human Consciousness. This fascinating map profiles the entire human condition, allowing a comprehensive analysis of the emotional and spiritual development of individuals. What happens under the effect of alcohol is that the voices of your unresolved conflicts...

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24. God Loves Me

I know now That God loves me With my imperfections And shortcomings My broken parts My aching heart And all my infirmities   I no longer feel Compelled To make God proud For i know he loves me As i am With all my flaws   At last i can stop And simply be The person he created me to be No striving now No hurting No waiting No hoping No complaining I can just be me For i know now That God loves me   In my stillness I have found I already am Whatever i need to be For i know now That God loves...

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5 Reasons Why You May Still Be Unmarried

Have you ever checked out of a romantic relation only because you were uncomfortable with the idea of marriage? Or postponed it endlessly in favour of higher qualifications and better career prospects? And now when you are finally feeling ready to settle down, do you feel there are just no suitable prospects? Chances are you are attracting this experience of remaining single because of some deeper issues in your subconscious. If any of the above applies to you, you may just be suffering from Gamophobia or fear of marriage. If you are a woman faced with this dilemma, the following reasons may...

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