25. Ho’oponopono Practice

This ancient Hawaiian practice was used by the natives of Hawaii for healing and reconciliation in families. It employs the three powerful limbs of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude to clear the mind of resentment, anger, rejection and separation. When performed regularly, with an attitude of sanctity, this practice can have profound effects and heal the deepest of hurts that prevent you from accepting and loving others. The method that I have found most effective is shared below: 1. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Bring to mind the presence of the person you wish to...

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24. God Loves Me

I know now That God loves me With my imperfections And shortcomings My broken parts My aching heart And all my infirmities   I no longer feel Compelled To make God proud For i know he loves me As i am With all my flaws   At last i can stop And simply be The person he created me to be No striving now No hurting No waiting No hoping No complaining I can just be me For i know now That God loves me   In my stillness I have found I already am Whatever i need to be For i know now That God loves...

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23. When Travelling Prayer

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22. Overcoming Depression Prayer

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21. Protection Prayer in Hindi

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20. Bringing Joy to Life Prayer

  If you are going through a time when the world looks gloomy and dark, when hope seems distant and nothing really makes sense and you wish that you could find direction and motivation to create the life of your dreams, say this prayer each day from your deepest core and watch your life change within and without.     Photo Credits: Regis...

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