When Spirituality Hurts

A middle aged lady named Rupali sought solace in satsangh from the harsh lessons and experiences of life. Each day she would meticulously plan her day so that all her work would be over in time and she could rush to this gathering of like minded spiritual seekers. The words of wisdom she heard there were like balm upon her troubled soul. She felt as though she had finally found the truth. The months turned into years and satsangh became a way of life for her. Whenever something hurt her she would simply tell herself that this world was illusionary and that she must rise above these negative...

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The Soul Lives On

Months after his wife passed away, a young man came to see me wanting to know if she had moved into the light. That evening as he sat in silence he felt her caress his hand and embrace him lovingly. All the grief of the last few months vanished as he discovered that the soul lives on. In the sessions that followed he learnt how to complete the unfinished dialogues, how to forgive and seek forgiveness for all the misdoings while they were together on the earth plane and how to assist her journey back into the light. Grief can prevent the soul from moving on its spiritual journey back...

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Childhood Fears

Today’s session took me into the early years of my clients infancy and revealed just how powerfully, experiences are etched in the subconscious mind and dictate how we feel and behave years later. A young mother carries her one year old baby to the market to shop for vegetables. As she engages her attention on the task of selecting them, the playful child spots a dark menacing beggar in tattered clothes walking towards them. His face breaks into a smile, perceived by the baby not as a friendly one, but as wicked. Instantly the baby starts crying as she interprets his presence as a threat to...

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Power of Love

Regressed a client yesterday and witnessed the amazing power of love. As the story unfolded I learnt how love survives time and space. I saw how souls of lovers wait endlessly through time to reunite, searching and seeking each other out. I saw how after 600 years of wandering a soul eventually finds its soul mate in the most dramatic way at the perfect confluence of time and location to help each other, so that they may unite and complete their love story at some time in the future in another incarnation. Simply breathtaking learning & experience….

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Soul Lessons

I had an interesting session with a client today that drove home the importance of recognizing our soul lessons. I witnessed how a young man’s soul had set up difficult experiences, so painful to this human existence, as a reminder of his unlearnt soul lesson. His was a difficult and unfulfilled marriage that eventually ended in the untimely death of his wife, most unexpectedly. As we put the pieces of the puzzle together through objects found and hidden diaries, there emerged the evidence of an unfulfilled extra marital love interest, the search for happiness and control over life and...

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