I have been handed a tool to set myself back on the right path.

The CYLM (Change your Life Mentorship) program is like walking into a door of Life where one is introduced to one’s ‘SELF’. The image of what I saw in the mirror was both terrifying and exhausting, cause I had fallen into a pattern I had no idea how to break. The strong format of the course you have built and the guidance provided through the 4 weeks gives me hope that my future and most importantly (for me) that of my children will be more peaceful. Suzy, the focus, love given and investment you have made in me is something I will cherish. But more than that I have been...

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It was a Life Changing Experience for Me.

Dear Suzy, It was a pleasure meeting you. It was a life changing experience for me. What happened to me this morning was something I never imagined in my wildest dreams! You have changed / simplified my life in a single day. Kulvinder Singh Businessman- Delhi

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A Mothers Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Suzy, I can’t thank you enough for coming into my daughters life. I see  a change in her attitude and way of looking at her life. Mother of 36 year old HR professional who enrolled into the Change your life Mentorship Program (CYLM) Chennai

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You Taught me to Change Myself and See how Beautiful my Life Could Be.

How could I have lived in the dark for so many years? And how could one meeting have changed it all for me? One session with you and my life has changed.   I wanted to change the situations, the people and the circumstances around me. But you taught me to change myself and then see how beautiful my life could be. It all sounds so easy, but it’s not. But you made it easy and simple for me.   When I came for the session, I felt it’s all so complicated, that even you will fail to understand it. How wrong I was.   You solved it in hours. I had thought I would just die...

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I was Drawn to the Unconditional Compassion in Her

There was an immediate connection that I felt with Suzy as a confidant or friend. I was drawn to the unconditional compassion that I sensed in her. That helped, really helped. What I am searching for, even I don’t know yet. My sessions with Suzy have been exhaustive Q & A ones. I have all these questions and Suzy has been answering them truthfully and honestly. I have enough proof for I have tested her answers and found them manifested around me. This search will continue and I am at a certain level where it takes time for everything to penetrate. Well, even the belief in the process...

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Your Message About 1111 Has Saved Me

 Dearest Suzy, you have saved me. Since 11 th November I had been feeling terribly low and sorrowful. I felt there was something tangible in me that made me feel sad, angry and grief stricken. In fact I sent messages to my close ones saying I was feeling very low. I am usually a sunny and happy person. But for some reason I was feeling  resentful and picking up fights with family members. I couldn’t meditate and didn’t know how to handle this.  Your channeled message about the relevance of 1111 has made so much sense to me. I am determined to feel better and not get...

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