What Is the I Ching?

Many have heard about the Tarot, but few know about one of the most powerful & oldest oracles in the world called the I Ching or the Book of Changes. This magical text comprising of  64 hexagrams not only reads the cosmic influences affecting you at any given time, it also provides guidance about what is the best thing for you to in the given circumstances. Its messages are clear and concise and have always provided accurate and apt guidance in the 18 years that I have worked with it. History & background of the I Ching The I Ching is an oracle of Chinese origin with astounding and...

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What kind of questions does the I Ching answer?

The I Ching represents existence itself and is indeed worthy of awe. I have been reading the I Ching for over 18 years and till date, each time I sit for a reading I feel a kind of trepidation and awe that one usually feels in the presence of a revered and illuminated master. It is for this reason I believe that questions of even the deepest nature can be asked of this magnificent oracle. You can ask any questions related to your relationships, career path, emotional issues,  spiritual direction or personal growth; in short just about any question that is open ended and to which you are...

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How Should Questions To The I Ching Be Framed?

All questions addressed to the I Ching must be open ended. Close ended questions with yes no answers are not appropriate.  So for example if you wish to inquire about whether or not your should change your  job, frame the question to read as “kindly guide me about the outcomes of changing my job now” as against  “should I change my job now?” It is ideal to design the question after having given some thought to what you really wish to know. Surprisingly even if you don’t, the I Ching always intuits your deeper questions. I am often surprised when I come upon a...

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How to Receive Your Personalized I Ching Prediction

Kindly send me the details of your full name, age and postal residence address along with the exact query for which you are seeking a reading. You may, if you wish, give a brief background of your specific issue. Take care to ensure that the question you form is open ended. In case you need any assistance in framing the question, simply state your current situation and I shall assist in formulating the question in the appropriate manner. For overseas requests please transfer the reading fee through Paypal to my account from the booking page on the top tool bar. Within 48 hours of the fee...

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