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What the 2012 shift really means Channeled Messages from The Ascended Masters  Beloved Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev   IS THIS THE END OF TIMES? The first question that a lot of people have is, “are we going to die?” The answer to that dear ones is that the only thing that we are hoping will die, is the darkness that you all carry so deeply within you – your pain, anguish, hatred for each other, jealousies, the desire for power and control –all those third dimensional vices that you have suffered for so long and which you no longer need, but are reluctant to let go of...

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So what are these rules of transformation?

Pure intent is first. By pure we mean, not for personal gain, which incidentally is triggered by greed and hence can never be manifested. Pure intent always seeks something for a higher purpose, for theoverallbenefitofa group or a community. It is never selfish. Secondly, it must be generated by the urge for growth, a spontaneous throbbing of the soul to evolve. Thirdly it must have consistency and commitment. You can’t want it one day and be lazy or doubtful about it tomorrow. It must be a constant pressing need within you. Something you just can’t do without. Almost like restlessness in...

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This is beginning to sound metaphysical.

But it is. All thought is metaphysical in nature. Ask your scientists. Is it not? What you feed the planet with in the form of your conscious thoughts is a very powerful way of manifestation. But readcarefully,wearenot talking of casual mindless thinking, what we are referring to must be deliberate and it must be authentic for it to become real. So is this like wishing for something hard enough in a very positive way like with a powerful intent, like an affirmation that we all have been reading about in recent years? Partly. Why partly? Manifestation doesn’t occur by mere intending. Not all...

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Can You please tell us about the “all will be destroyed theory once again.”

Those thoughts and anxieties are the memories that are stored in the collective consciousness that you all are picking up. They come from your past. From what has been. Don’t pay heed to them or rather should we say become aware of them and through the power of deliberate thinking and reason which you all are so good at, convince yourselves that all these fears are merely shadows of a past existence. They are conditioned ways of being and thinking. They are your history. They are not your present. Remind yourselves that this time it will be different. That you are committed to success and...

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