Change your Life Mentorship (CYLM) Program -Remote/Beginners

Feedback about the program – Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva, Delhi 2015

Ever since I commenced the CYLM Program I am able to accept and love myself more. I have also developed more compassion for others. By looking inwards, I have had the opportunity to see and identify various shortcomings in me and have been able to overcome them which has made my life so much better. I am now entrusted with various tools to live my life lovingly. This course has helped me understand that I am the orchestrator of my life and by healing my inner self, I can change my external reality. If you want to empower your life them you must do this program.

Feedback about the Program – Vishesh Jain, Delhi 2015

The CYLM Program was simply brilliant, it was scary and life changing and I’m so glad I did it. I now know that all the answers lie within me and that I can empower myself and work towards healing myself as a lifelong journey. I feel much calmer, my energy levels are up, I am less angry and less moody. My biggest breakthrough was discovering the feeling of neglect which I wasn’t even aware existed within me. I feel less like a victim now and am more empowered.
Vishesh Jain

 Feedback about the program – Sheetal Duggal, Delhi 2014

The experience at the CYLM program is like a treasure with no measurement. It has brought a great change in me. It has helped me to become a much calmer person. I was very restless earlier but now I have learnt to deal with all circumstances and grow from them. It has brought back my learning & seeking spirit. By learning to love myself I have started fulfilling my inner world and am so joyful. Things which were very difficult for me earlier have become easy. Nothing seems difficult now. “Life on this plane is heavenly again.”

Thank you so much, Sheetal

Feedback about the program – Prince Gera, Delhi 2013

The CYLM program and in particular the evolutionary breathing has brought about a big change in my life and how I look at situations now. I am now able to cut the internal dialogue when I am upset and soon calmness pours into my mind. The analysis stops and there is a state of detachment. Earlier I would struggle to find various conclusions and keep trying to fix the problem constantly remaining in a disturbed state. Now I am calm and detached and take a decision only when it is needed. I am grateful to you for such powerful insights and this training. I had always believed that my internal dialogue was my intellect but after this program I have realized it was only my Ego.

You taught me something very important; that no one can insult me, humiliate me, irritate me or frustrate me if I don’t allow them to enter my inner space.

I thank you deeply. With much Love, Prince Gera

Feedback about the program – Khushnooma Mohan, Bangalore 2013

The CYLM program is like walking into a door of Life where one is introduced to one’s ‘SELF’. The image of what I saw in the mirror was both terrifying and exhausting, cause I had fallen into a pattern I had no idea how to break. The strong format of the course you have built and the guidance provided through the 4 weeks gives me hope that my future and most importantly (for me) that of my children will be more peaceful. Suzy, the focus, and love you have given me and the investment you have made in me is something I will always cherish, but more than that I know that I have been handed a toolkit to set myself back on the right path. As you said, it is now for me to follow and stay on course. Thank you for staying true to your calling and being the guide that the Lord has put you here for.

Lots of Love, Khushnooma

The Change Your Life Mentorship Program (CYLM) aims

at helping you recognize your key issues, discover repetitive patterns, recognize your response patterns, identify your strengths and discover techniques and methods that empower you to respond differently to your environment and become aware of the triggers that create stress in you. The challenges you face will still be out there but you will find effective new ways of dealing with them that do not rob you of your mental and emotional peace and may even help in healing your physical ailments.

As a therapist trained in dealing with the challenges that people face in their lives and having spent 32 long years practicing,  researching and unraveling complex human behaviors and consciousness, (not to mention facing and overcoming my own trials and tribulations) I can help you discover ways of dealing with your challenges so that you can find greater meaning, peace and joy in your life and improve your relationships at work, home and among peers.

The  program duration is 4 weeks.

Once you sign up for this program you will be enrolled into weekly personal training sessions over Skype or phone with me personally, each lasting one hour (60mins). You will also have the opportunity to interact with me via email and receive prompt guidance to any issues that may be bothering you or causing you mental or emotional disturbance. In addition you will be guided on incorporating specific techniques into your daily life that can fortify your inner strength and make you more powerful and resistant to stress.

At the end of four weeks you will be able to

use and practice powerful life changing techniques that will serve you throughout your life. You will understand how you can heal your life, learn how to meditate and introspect, develop evolutionary awareness, learn powerful healing breath techniques and methods that can help you become more calm and peaceful, balance your emotions and deal with stress, practice forgiveness and be more accepting of your self.

If you want to be the master of your life and wish to be more powerful,

more peaceful, more joyous, more content, more healthy and more inspired than you presently are then this program is perfectly suited to your needs.

The program costs Rs. 10,000/- in India and US $ 200  for those outside India.

 Call now at +91 98102 46158 or email me at




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