Channeled Message from Jesus For 2014

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To hear the lark, look upon thy sails

You must sit silently and contemplate

The sails here refer to our thoughts which move with the speed of wind. Jesus tells us that in order to hear the divine guidance, we must first silence our minds by witnessing our thoughts. When we observe our thoughts, we slow them down and reach a meditative state of stillness, in which we receive divine guidance in the form of intuitive flashes, which is referred to as the cosmic song. Solutions to our problems pop up magically and creativity fills our hearts.

Having established this inner state of silence, we must stay with it, and ponder over the deeper questions of life.

Whence have I come from?

And where must I go?

Ask the question, where have I come from, what is my origin and the source of all things.

We get so caught up in the frenzy of everyday life that we forget to stop and ask ourselves, where am I going? What am I striving towards? Where do I want to be at the end of my life? Rarely if ever, do we ponder about the purpose of our lives. Or wonder, that when death approaches, will I be ready? Will I feel peaceful about the life I have lived, and will I be prepared to undertake that journey beyond, once I leave my body?

Who will Sheppard Me?

And point to that road

Lost in the mire and dirt of illusions, it is impossible to find your way back to God or know about the source of all things without a teacher or a guide. Have you ever wondered about how you will find your path and direction without a teacher? Have you searched and looked, and asked the universe to send you someone who can hold your hand and show you the road that leads to heaven? That someone could be a mentor, guide, guru, teacher or even a holy book which carries the word of God; and then when you ready, the Christ consciousness within you, will itself be revealed.

For until you ask that question within

The city sleeps in darkness and sin

Its only when you begin to seek the divine path and ask for guidance, that the inner faculties of wisdom awaken in you. Through the powers of intuition, you connect with your inner tutor, and become aware of your own limitations and darkness. You begin to see your follies and mistakes, instead of blaming others; you begin to take responsibility for your life. You see where you have sinned and hurt others. You see how your thoughts have misled you into believing that others are wrong and you are right, dividing through hatred instead of uniting in love. Your soul consciousness remains drugged in deep slumber by the intoxication of ego, which tricks and misleads you.

It’s the time to herald a new beginning

To open a door that leads within

A new year presents the opportunity to take a fresh, new look at your life. Ask yourself if you are happy and fulfilled? Do you bounce out of bed each morning with joy coursing through your veins? Do you feel inspired each day? Is your life adding value to others or are you overburdened with complaints? Has life become a chore, where you do things only because they must be done? Jesus urges us to do something new this year, he asks us to look within. Read a book that tells you about the mysteries of the soul, enroll in a workshop that teaches you to meditate, go out into nature and listen to the secrets of the trees and flowers, search the internet for inspiration, gaze at a beautiful sky. Find a way to connect with your soul.

Seek not the glories of false pride

It brings nothing but greed and strife

So much time is spent in chasing material success and fame, but even when your bank is overflowing and your face is on every magazine, then what? Will you be happy and fulfilled? If your house was bigger and the car you drove better, would you be happy? Wouldn’t you crave for something even bigger and better then? The material world cannot satisfy the hunger of your soul. It cannot bring you the glory of joy. It feeds only the greed for more. And so you end up working really hard, hoping to find happiness and contentment through acquisition and recognition. But then, even when you have it all, you still aren’t happy, and not knowing what else to do, you strive even harder. Strange thing is, when you don’t have it, you are miserable; and even when you have it, you are still miserable because someone has more than you do. But the fact is, no matter how hard you work or how much you have, if you don’t have the real treasures of peace, contentment and joy, you can never be truly happy.

Light instead a candle of hope

That takes you closer to that eternal port

Instead of putting all your efforts into the world out there, if you just turned your attention inwards, you could hope to find happiness. For the ultimate aim of each human is to be happy. When your connection with the divine is strengthened and you learn to surrender yourself to his will, all the ills of your mind are driven away. Prayers, meditation, introspection and stillness, all help to get you into that state of surrender. Embark on that journey within, without delay.

That sets you asail on the sea of lies

Through turbulent waves it doesn’t capsize

Once you embrace these soul studies and spiritual practices,you will sail more easily through this world of illusion and lies. Even when life gets difficult and hard, you will not feel broken or defeated.

Faith is the glory that keeps you adrift

That tames the waters until you reach

The safe harbor of your destiny

Faith is outcome of these practices. It is your most powerful blessing and it will help you keep your face above water when the sea of life becomes turbulent. It will give you the strength to face the storms of your life with determination and courage. Though you may end up weary and tired, yet nothing will be able to diminish the light of your spirit, when faith anchors firmly in you. With each adversity overcome, each challenge bravely faced and each lesson mastered, you will become happy, peaceful and joyous. And most importantly, you will also win the kingdom of God.


Photo Credits: Kali Billimoria



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