Chapter 13: Resonate With The True Word

IMG_0561 This day is a new dawn in your lives.

One that brings with it the promise of success. Know that you cannot, must not fail. That is our gentle request to you. The seasons have come and gone and you are way beyond the original period of estimated gestation. It is time for you all to move on. So listen carefully to what we have to say. Never betray your fellowman’s trust. It aborts the creation of a sacred bond that is so essential to bring your subtle bodies in alignment. It connects you. Each time that you cause betrayal, the alignment must commence again. It is a very slow laborious process and one that you can curtail. So be aware. If something cannot be done, say so upright. There is no need to put on pretences.

Authentic word is the beginning of the true word.

It must become yours. You must utter only with conviction, with faith, with every intent to fulfil the word that escapes your lips. Your words carry power. They are sacred. Know this when you speak. You either create connections at the energy level or you deconstruct them. It is therefore essential that you build the bridge that can support the weight of those who haven’t yet reached the stage of true word. You must create on their behalf.

So scrutinize what you say.

 Be wary of your own speech. It foretells the occurrence of your reality and it vibrates and resonates each time you pronounce an alphabet. You are creating and you are destroying. You may not believe it, but we say, it is how things are. When you consider what you say and you fulfill it, you are respecting the principles that support the creation of this etheric bridge.

The responsibility is on each who chances upon these words that you are reading. And be not mistaken for it is no chance that you have been drawn to this text. The words and information presented here also carry magnetic power and your resonance has brought this material to you. So it is by design that you are reading this information, which therefore places upon you the responsibility to execute the substance of this knowledge through deliberate action.

You have chosen to know this information because you have reached the level of awareness that is essential to qualify to provide support. Even though you may not consciously see it, your volition has been elective, and you have been chosen to commit yourself to this process.

But it is only for us to express these truths. The onus of acceptance and accomplishment is entirely on you alone. Do you realise your role and importance and relevance to this major event? Do you still feel it is for someone else to make happen or are you beginning to see that this is your world, your gift, your reality, and your mission?

YOU will make this happen, or not. You will make the impossible possible or not, and you will facilitate the passover. Will you not? Can you find it in your hearts and souls to participate in this once in forever event? Can you make this personal? Can the oneness of the macrocosm be felt within your being?

I feel something stir within me though I don’t know exactly what it is.

It’s your resonance dear one. It’s your alignment to the cause, the knowledge that it is to be. You agreed to do this way before you can recall in your cognitive state. It’s a promise you made a long time ago; and the stirrings are only reaffirming that this is the truth.

But somehow I still kind of feel small and this whole thing, this shift appears to be so big, so vast, and so global, do you know what I mean?

Yes it is your humanness that is speaking, not your embodied essence. The essence or what you ordinarily understand to be your soul, that feels no limitation, it feels no comparison in scope or size and doesn’t feel smaller or bigger than the cause. It simply knows that it must do and it concerns itself with nothing else. All other things are mental apparitions, designed to distract your focus.

Which is why we say don’t dwell on it too long, don’t ponder and confabulate, for if you do you will allow the weakness of your mind to seize control and suddenly, the only thing that will appear too small, will be your inspiration and motivation to act. And then you will lose the power that enables creation.

So we advise, don’t ponder, simply commit. Commit without questioning too hard. The truth simply is, it cannot be understood through analysis. It doesn’t fit into the paradigm of your creation; it is the principle of creation. It cannot be force fitted into models and theories.

So you are saying I should commit without thinking? Is that a wise thing to do?

We are saying don’t destroy the power of your resonance with the truth by breaking it up into minute parts and putting it under the microscope of your limited worldview. The truth is too vast and too comprehensive to fit your lens. You cannot comprehend it with your mind. You cannot take it apart and then put it back to see if it fits. No. This is truth you are talking about my friend, not some battery operated toy.

Ok I get the point, but how do I know that it’s right for me?

Because you resonate with it. You know it. Intuitively you feel right about it. You know it’s okay to go ahead. There’s a feeling of stillness and calm in your gut when you consider or think about committing to it. You KNOW it is right, deep inside of you. Can you feel it?


Then what are you waiting for? Remember it’s you who goes first. The others are to be carried through on your creation. You create that etheric bridge which needs the purity and power of your word, your commitment.

Yes I get that but what am I supposed to do? I’m kind of lost?

Start by simply keeping your word. Become aware of your word. Know the power of your word. Use it sparingly. Use it deliberately. Use it responsibly. That will take enormous amount of retraining and self-discipline. Would you agree?

God the honest truth is that it is overwhelming to even consider doing all that you have said. It’s not so easy you know.

Yes we do know. And therefore we have stated it in bits. Breakdown the task. Take each bit and practice it every week. Build up the capability slowly. Rehearse, Repeat and Retrain your existing habit. Learn to say the true word. It will be a great start.

I’m sure I can’t even imagine how I’m going to do this. It’s hard to live in today’s world if you have to speak the truth all the time.

It’s not just about speaking the truth; it’s about knowing what to speak. It’s about knowing what truth is. It’s about knowing when to speak and when to be silent. It’s about knowing how to speak. The word dear one IS the power of creation, provided you know how to utter it.

This is beginning to sound really tough. I don’t know if I can do this.

Off course you can.Else you wouldn’t be reading these words. Set aside the mind. We warned you not to let the mind analyse or ponder. All you need is to commit, the rest will occur spontaneously. For there are other celestial energies that support the accomplishment of your commitment because your commitment IS the scared word. Do you understand?

Yes sort of.

Then are you ready to commit?

Yes I am.

We are happy for you and for humanity. For as you say that word, you activate enormous powers. The wheels of change begin to move and know your world will never be the same again. And you have contributed to making it a better place. We thank you for honoring your soul promise.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited.


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