Chapter 14: Getting In Touch With Your Pain


The joys of the new world are inexplicable.

 You will see and receive the world in ways you have never before known. It’s geometry is unique. The world that awaits you –the fourth dimension- has holographic experiences of the nature where colours and existence are purified beyond your current imagination.  It isn’t easy to explain these advanced concepts to your mind at present, but simply know, this is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

 Your souls, which have stagnated, need the pure experience that this transition will afford you. In fact, your soul craves for it. All the debased emotions of fear and fortitude, longings and miseries, scarcity and possessiveness and hurting, all will be transmuted and your essence will be energised by bathing in the purity of that experience. How shall we show you the wonder that awaits you? Can you even imagine how stupendous the horizon will be?

Do not hesitate now to take the plunge.

 A lot has been said and a lot still remains unsaid, but first you must decide. Are you willing to work towards it? Can it become meaningful enough for you to make it a priority? Can it become your prayer, your way of being? Can it? And if you feel ready to commit then come take our hand and take the plunge. You will never be the same again. Do you feel ready to take flight? It’s a new world, it’s a new way of being, it’s your new song and you are ready to sing it, right here, right now.

God this is sounding so final.

It’s only the beginning. It’s like agreeing that you are willing to take this trip. It is only an affirmation of your desire to grow, to evolve, to become more than who you are.

Now that sounds a little less intimidating. Ok so where do I start?

At the beginning. First look around you and become aware of the life you are presently living. Each day look closely, examine it. Take stock. Then start listing down your complaints, your dissatisfactions with life itself. Start at the beginning.

From your childhood, recall all the things that hurt you, made you unhappy, caused you pain, made you feel bad and incomplete. Get in touch with your pain body. Know your pain body and feel it. Feel it intimately. Try to understand it. Understand what caused it? Pour your heart out. Feel it as deeply as you can.

For so long you have hidden these feelings.

 Shutting them out, not claiming them. You haven’t even wanted to acknowledge that they were yours and in doing so what you actually did was push them deeper and tighter into yourself until they were squeezed into all those parts of your body that hurt so deeply today.

 Examine your body. Talk to it. You know the parts that hurt, that give you trouble, that don’t feel so well. That was where you pushed all these painful memories and forgot that you put them there. It’s time to take stock. It’s time to own what belongs to you. It’s time to clean up your closet. It’s time to examine the stuff you want to keep and what you want to dispose. It’s time for spring cleaning my friend.

You want me to unlock all that might make me miserable, that I haven’t had the courage to face all these years?

Yes we do. And we know that you have the strength to deal with it or you would never have made the commitment to grow. Trust us, you can do this way better than you believe of yourself.

But what if I can’t remember anything?

Just want it. That’s enough. In unguarded moments the memories will quietly enter your mind stream, at other times you will dream of them and sometimes they will arrive unannounced at the most unexpected moments. They will come to you if you allow them to. Remember you are the one that banished them. Sent them into exile. Remember? So you alone have the power to recall them. Ask and they will return.

How do I know that this exercise will not cause me pain?

Are you in any less pain presently we ask? The pain is already there and you have been bearing it for so long. Now is the time for you to heal that pain, not make it any worse.

I’m kind of reluctant to do this. I don’t know why but honestly I feel a kind of resistance; like I shouldn’t be doing it.

This resistance you feel is the trepidation of the ego. Ego does not want you to embark on this long journey of self- discovery, for when you do, it shall have to someday relinquish its control over you and that is something it simply doesn’t want. So it is going to push you and nudge you into giving up this exercise. Which is why, you need to be alert.

 Alert, that at no stage of this process, do you allow yourself to be defeated, because that is not why you chose this. There is only one way on that this path and that looks ahead, without fear, without doubt, without misgivings of any sorts. Do you understand?

Yes I do, so go on, you were saying…

We want you to look at each incident that surfaces in your awareness with a sense of calm. Watch it, know it, and suddenly when you have examined it a couple of times you will suddenly find yourself removed from it, almost distant from it. Then you will actually begin to examine it in a clear and detached way.

 You will know why things happened the way they did, what that experience propelled you into becoming, who you need to forgive, yourself or others, and what you need to release or empower within you.

A new clarity will begin to dawn and suddenly you will be prepared to heal that experience. You may want to cry and let your tears purify that experience or you may want to silently accept what happened and just complete the process of releasing and empowering.

So how do I do this releasing or empowering that you speak about?

If there is pain that you turned inwards towards yourself, chances are you disempowered yourself and the clarity will allow you to unblock that potential within you. You will know how to allow that aspect of you the space to breathe and blossom in. And if you turned the pain outside to another, you will be able to release the anger that accompanied it and forgive that person or that situation which caused the trauma.

 Either of the two will occur. You will set someone or something free. And that will change who you are forever. It will heal that part of your mind and body where this pain was stored and you will experience a new freedom, a new way of being. Unencumbered. Free. Peaceful.

You make it all sound so easy.

All it needs is commitment and persistence. Unravelling your history is not child’s play, it takes serious commitment to cause; know that for a first.

 I didn’t mean to sound frivolous.

We just wanted you to know that this is hard work and sometimes you can give up too easily. Know that that is not an option for you. You cannot; must not, give up. It only gets easier as you go along. The first step is always the hardest. You know that don’t you?

Yes kind of.

So tread upon this journey that will lead you to the golden gates of the New World. It’s worth every bit of your trying. Trust us.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. 


 Photo credit: Regis Novak


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