Postscript: The Time is Now

224890_10151200244882675_1262693943_nThe time has arrived.

The shift is operative. It is occurring even as these words are being transmitted to you. Dear ones, some of you have felt the stirrings of this shift already. The task ahead is going to be of a magnitude that you have never before known or experienced. Gear up your spirit, for it isn’t going to be easy.

You have all been preparing for this. Some are more prepared some less so and some are not at all tuned into what is happening at the level of the collective human vibrations. Do not be alarmed, for there are enough of you who have prepared sufficiently and relentlessly to step in for the others who have not, and serve them.

So now we are going to spell out for you what each must do.

1. Be in awareness of every single disturbance in your immediate life circle.

It is not your real experience. It is the mithya, the illusion. You can know this by sensing it in the pit of your stomach. What appears to disturb your mind seems peaceful in your core. What does this mean? This means that it is the illusion that has been created by the other force to distract your attention. Remove you from the divine essence. Make you question your faith. But feel your core. It is peaceful and therefore know that it is not your truth. Let that disturbance pass without blinking an eyelid. It is not your reality. Know that. Keep your faith and your awareness fixed on the divine. Do not loosen your grip.

2. Its time you allowed your personal space to be invaded by only peaceful ventures.

Peaceful vibrations. Consciously keep all lower vibrations at bay at this critical time. They have been sent to dissuade you. They will come to you in the guise of family, friends and spokespersons. They are not to be allowed in to your personal space. Close your auric field to them. You may not be able to avoid meeting them physically, but energetically close your field. This can be done by merely holding the intent to do it.

3. It is safe to open your heart only to the Lord at this time.

Darkness wears many masks and not all of you are sensitive to recognise who is really behind the mask. So be completely open and vulnerable only to your God. However you might define God is fine. It is your interpretation and every interpretation is authentic for it comes from the heart vibration.

4. Seek help only from trusted sources if you are deeply pained or hurt.

Each one of you, when you ask for help, will be intuitively guided as to whom you should turn to, who may mentor you. We are working behind the scenes to make sure that each one of you is supported. Simply ask and the guidance will unfold as a message. You are not alone. Please know this. Even though you may not believe it, even though it might sound too farfetched, know that we are there every single moment to help each one of you.

5. The time to awaken has arrived.

Those of you still in slumber, arise we say. No longer can you be lost to darkness. Hear us call out to you, hear the melody of the divine planes ring and awaken the memory in your ears. The time my child has come. You do not wish to miss this opportunity. We wish for all our children on the planet earth to awaken now and be prepared for the unfolding of your potential. Allow the words and vibrations of the divine truth to fall on your ears and awaken you to the eternal promise of always moving on, no matter what.

6. Keep the peace.

IT IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY. Be warned. These are tumultuous times and starting in the next 11 hours, it’s going to peak. Be at its zenith. There will be confusion and frenzy as people lose their centres. Each one of you receiving these words please keep the centre, for you have to hold the collective centre in place and work deliberately to balance the scale on behalf of those who are losing theirs.

7. This is not the end. This is the beginning.

Earth is going into labour. And labour, as you are all aware, involves hard work. Enormous grit and push is required for a safe delivery and each one of you has a role to play. You are the midwives in this dance and birthing of consciousness. Be prepared. Be in awareness. Keep your tools of attentions, fortitude, balance, centering and hearts in place. Do not be swayed by the mind. No matter what appeals to your mind, it is your heart that will lead you through the woods, in the direction of the Light. So follow the signs provided by the heart. Even when the darkness thickens in a short while from now, you will still be able to steer your way through the smog.

8. And do not panic.

It will appear as if everything is out of control. But remember control is a third dimension frequency. One, which you all are trying to transit out of, right now. So it is only natural that you will experience the lack of it, for you are learning to do without it.

Remember as a child when you had to learn how to ride a bicycle and you put on the trainer wheels for support? Well that was required only until such time that you acquired the balance, and once you did you simply didn’t need those any more. Well dear children, the time has come for you to give up the trainer wheels. Yes you might feel like you are losing your balance and are about to fall. You might even become fearful. But keep the confidence, that given a little trying, you will be able to ride this cycle of change.

It is inevitable.

You know you have done well, and many have done exceptionally well. Collectively your endeavours are worthy of praise but we are here tonight to warn you of what lies ahead, so that you can be forewarned and you can hold out with enormous strength.

We are waiting in the by lanes should any one of you need our assistance. Remember all you need is to call and we shall be by your side. This is the golden moment. One that we have all waited for so long.

We know that there are some who are apprehensive about all these words.

They think this is all hogwash and that nothing like this is, or will happen.  To them we say, you are standing last in queue for the departure call and perhaps you might consider moving up ahead so you don’t miss out. The belief or the lack of it is not going to change the juggernaut that has been in action for such a long time now. The curtains are about to go up and the show is set to begin.

If you are not on your seats now YOU will miss the show. Just because you have chosen not to land up for this event does not mean that the event will not take place. The only thing it does point to, is that you missed out. And would you want to miss a show of this magnitude? A show that carries the thread of your future evolution? A show that is going to change the way you play this game?

 Think about it.

For eventually the choice to be there or not is entirely yours. Know that we love you all and no matter what your choices we shall be waiting for you, hoping that you will come through.

May you all be blessed and may you choose the Light.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. This particular message was received on 10 December 2012  at 8.35pm and calls forth our urgent attention, awareness and action .


Photo credit: Regis Novak



  1. Dana says:

    Never ever have I ended up in a deep meditation while doing my shield only… Today morning I’ve seen how far my shield goes. Portal is open… Never thought that shift would be so peaceful… Love & gratitude only…

  2. suzysingh says:

    The period of the shift has only just begun. This battle could last some time. Know that each time you pray or meditate you help to make the shift easier.

    • Dana says:

      It is unbelievable how much fear got spread around the globe regarding this Shift. People are gearing up with all sorts of external equipment (I don’t know if you got to see such reports, especially from the West/or should I be more specific – from America) to be able to face whatever is coming. If only half of their time was spent using ‘inner equipment’ to cope with these beautiful changes…
      Spreading the message is so important and Internet is such powerful tool. I hope your web site reaches more and more people daily my dear Suzy…
      Love from B’lore…

  3. kali says:

    Through ages the Lord has always been faithful in fulfilling His promises.All we need is faith,just the size of a mustard seed.Lord says “Peace I leave with you.Peace I give unto you.Not as the world gives,give I unto you. Let your heart not be troubled,neither let it be afraid” So Just open your heart and ask Him to move in.He will do the rest.When He is with you who can be against you?

    • suzysingh says:

      Sooo true Kali dear all we need is a really intimate relationship with God.

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