Chapter 15: Heal The Pain, Raise Your Vibrations


Since the day you were born you have accumulated wagons full of painful emotions

that you have carried along for so long. It’s time my child to unburden yourself, it’s time to rid yourself of all that contaminates your true essence, it’s time to let go.

We know that you are fearful about this prospect. But think about it rationally. Is it really that bad to give up that which hurts you and causes you pain? That which limits you, that which makes you smaller than you really are? Is it worth it we ask? So why hold on to it?

You can only become bigger, better, greater if your limitations are taken away. Don’t you wish to be free? Free of your worries, anxieties, sadness and pain? If so, then undertake that journey back into your past. One by one, collect all the garbage of negative emotions that you have collected and return it to us so we may transmute it into light. Can you do that?

We are not asking you to part with anything of value to you.

It’s only your pain we wish to take away. We want to help you to be whole again. Will you allow us that? If yes, then be the brave heart that you truly are and cut the cords of fear and trepidation. Walk back into the darkness with the flashlight of your newly found awareness and hunt out those painful aspects of your past that are lurking in all parts of your body.

Yes trust us. That is where they reside permanently, until you choose voluntarily to give them up. So flash your searchlight and rescue them. It’s time for you to heal. It’s time to let go of the pain. It’s time to become as complete as you were when you left your heavenly abode.

We know you have it in you to do it.

So walk on my dear one. It’s simple when you let go and give yourself permission. Reassure yourself, this is not going to be uncomfortable. It may be cathartic, but not uncomfortable.

You may wish to cry and let out the pain. If you feel the tears welling up, allow them to flow and keep flowing, till the waters of the stream of pain dry up and you no longer have any more pain left. If you wish to scream out in anger, let your voice roar.

 For too long you have held that voice in, stifled it, suppressed it.

It’s time you allowed it to express itself. Scream out loud till you find that your war cry dies out and a deep peace is all that remains. And if you feel the wells of unhappiness flooding over, let the waters flow over and drench the land around. This water will give birth to a new landscape, one that is green and beautiful and will bear fruit. It will nurture the meadows of your existence.

So don’t hold back anything that comes up for release when you travel back. The release is the healing; the letting go is the therapy, the emptying out is what will ensure no residue of negativity remains.

This scares me, it’s almost like it might hurt.

We promise you it won’t. Releasing pain never hurts; it’s holding it back that does, so do not hesitate. Take the plunge. It may be a long deep dive but you will come back up refreshed, reenergised and renewed. You will be new once again, just as you were at the momemt when you first opened your eyes to this world. That is our word. You’ve got to just take it or leave it.

Guess if I’ve come this far I’d better take it.

We hoped you would say just that. So are you prepared to go where most never venture?


We find it so strange that most of you live your entire lives living in your past and yet when we ask you to go back there with a flashlight to really examine it stoically and with the expression of a detective who is looking for the deceptors, you cringe. Now that’s strange, wouldn’t you agree?

(Deceptors: pain is never a part of your own true self although it deceives you into believing that it is)

Ya actually it is. So why is that?

Because dear one you have always travelled into that past in darkness. Never with the light. Had you gone there with the light you would have spotted the darkness all too easily. It’s the ploy ego uses. And now the only difference is that you are making the same journey that you do in every single moment but with the light. And guess who within you is fearful? Are you beginning to understand?

Yes somewhat. So are you saying that ego is worried that when we go in there with a flashlight we might ruin his game?

Now you are beginning to see more clearly. You haven’t even embarked on the journey yet and already your vision is clearing up. Defogging as we might say. And do you know how you might have accomplished that?

I don’t really know.

Well it’s your commitment that activates certain spontaneous processes within you. Remember we told you all you have to do is commit and we are all waiting to help you with the rest. Do you remember?

Yes off course…you did say that.

So this clarity that is dawning on you is to help make it easier for you. And with each step forward that you move, you will experience changes that will enable you to access deeper parts and potentials of yourself that will enable you in ways you have never experienced before. This is the beginning of ascension.

What? You mean I’m already sort of taking off?

Don’t get worried. It’s not like that. It’s not as if you board an aircraft and zoom you arrive in the fourth dimension. No dear this is a slow gradual journey, transmutation does not occur in a single moment. It is a continuous process. And when all processes have been accomplished then, THEN, the shift happens. But this is where it begins, this is the first step and you have just embarked on it.

God this is awesome, I mean… this is beginning to get both involved and exciting.

We’re glad that you feel that way. It’s better than feeling fearful, isn’t it? You are already moving… transitioning. Can you sense it?

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. 


Photo credit: Regis Novak


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