Chapter 17: Keep Dark Energies at Bay

be wary of dark onesThere are many thoughts that indicate the presence of dark

 and evil forces which will try to thwart your desire to undertake this journey. You may encounter some of these as they close in to tell you that this is a worthless journey, that you are wasting your time and that there’s no such thing as ascension. To those of you who are afflicted with these thoughts we speak to you.

 Firstly know that you have permitted these dark ones to intervene with your process

by lowering your vibrations. You may wonder what vibrations are. This is the speed at which your being vibrates to. Higher vibrations are more subtle and refined and cause positive affinity to the power of love while the lower vibrations reflect the deeper darker aspects of pain. So know that when you invoke the darker energies of anger, intolerance, hatred, greed and impatience in yourselves, you automatically give permission to other lower energies to be drawn to you and cause interference in your process because like attracts like. This is the primary reason why we ask you to give up the darker qualities within yourself so that to begin with you can stop external interference with your inner process.

Secondly inquire about the company that you keep.

Dark energies stick together and are extremely cohesive. They will always want those enmeshed in their qualities not to find release because they feed off each other. So look around and sense what kind of company you keep. If they are constantly bitter, complaining, unhappy about others, and mean in their ways, you have created a whirlpool of downward current that will make you sink deeper and deeper.

 It is of utmost urgency that you seek help from your divine masters to extricate you from the clutches of such influences so that you may be free to move in the direction of positivity. Company can kill your exuberance, your energy and your journey. They can convince you that this is a dead end piece of crap and that you’ve been conned into some fancy mystery which leads nowhere.

When you hear them say this, know for sure that you need help.

It isn’t going to be easy to pull yourselves away from people who you’ve kept company with over long periods of time, but should you ask for divine intervention and help, it will definitely be provided, and you will be able to move away spontaneously from such influences without remorse or difficulty.

The third aspect you need to recognize is the environment you live and recreate in.

Dark, dingy places breed dark dingy energies. So pubs, bars, dimly lit restaurants, dark buildings or locked away properties bleed your energies and depress them further. Try and keep away from such energy bleeders.

And most importantly don’t share your inner process with cynics who are so remote from these ideas that they will extract the journey from your life rather than YOU extracting the darkness from their journey. Share your soul commitments with only those who understand and appreciate them and are willing to travel your path or at least experiment with it, or are open to talking and thinking about it.

These are people who will become your fellow travellers on the journey but those that are so lost in the darkness that they can’t even find themselves, will need other teachers to help and support them. It is important that you exercise these cautions, if you wish to move swiftly upon this path for there can be innumerable encounters with unpalatable forces that will try and resist your approach and progress. They will only cause you to slow down and expend valuable energy on unproductive causes. Beware of such dissuaders.

These are times when the lost ones are a plenty and rarely will you find someone who has found himself. You are on the path to finding yourself, don’t get lost in the crowd of the other lost ones.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. 


Photo credit: Regis Novak


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