Chapter 18: Choose your Army Now

choose your army nowThe shift brings in its wake the stirring of all forces both human and others,

divine and malevolent. It is a time for vast and complex reorganization and as such the ripples shall be felt by all. The darkness that pervades becomes deeper for as they say the darkest part of night is closest to dawn. And so it is with the shift also.

As the light workers and divine forces becomes fortified, so also is the dark force preparing for combat. Yes! this is a time for war. Fought at the subtle realms of your being. It is time to be vigilant each and every one of you there. It is a time to garner your divine faculties and coerce the darkness out. It is a time to eliminate that which torments the soul of each one of you, individually and collectively as a whole. It is time to do the right thing.

 Do not shut your eyes or your minds to what is occurring.

It is not happening outside of you. It is happening inside. Inside each of you is that resident evil that you have to cast out. That you need to extricate. So you can’t afford to hand the baton of this responsibility to another. It is each one of you that must take charge, must bear the onus and the desire to clean yourselves and your homes.

Pick up the arms of courage, strengthen your will and collect the ammunition of vigor

You are going to need these to win this war. It is a war against your interior self. It is a war each one of you must wage and cannot postpone. It is a war that is occurring right now as you read these words. Lift your weapons of determination and head on, before it is too late.

Before the enemy sharpens its fangs and digs them deep into your mind. Break away from the shackles of lust and greed that bind you now. Find your freedom, your purity, and your pain. Choose which you want to keep and what is your bane. Then battle from the side that you are on.

 Some of you may be lost to the dark.

It’s the others we speak to. You are the chosen ones. Equip yourselves and march on. You have to carry with you, not just your kin, but all the others who don’t have the power.

These messages about the impending Earth shifts are from The divine Masters Sai Baba of Shirdi and Guru Nanak Dev and have been channeled through Suzy. The text is as originally received and remains largely untouched and unedited. 


Photo credit: Regis Novak




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