09. Child’s Nightmare

Arjun, an intelligent young boy came with

his father to see me about a rather woeful tale. He complained that about four nights ago while in deep sleep, someone had tried to choke him by pressing hard upon his neck. In fact the whole experience was so vivid for him that he had woken up to find his neck hurting and sore from the squeezing action.

The next morning after when he narrated this

experience to his parents they tried brushing it aside, saying that it was just a bad dream- perhaps even a nightmare, but Arjun was insistent that he had not been dreaming. He was sure that someone had intentionally tried hurting him.

Ever since that night Arjun had found it difficult

to go to sleep and dreaded the thought of being alone in a room. This had prompted his father to seek help.

Suspecting that there might be some foreign energy

present within Arjun’s aura, a proxy approach to therapy was recommended since he was too young to undergo this type of therapy directly. Proxy allows us to work on a person’s energy body through another person. This could either be an experienced medium or a relative of the person being treated. Proxy is used when the person involved is too young or too sick to undergo therapy themselves. It was agreed that in this case we would use the help of an experienced medium Anna, who was highly sensitive.

Anna was put into a light trance and was asked to

connect with the energy body of Arjun. On looking into his eyes mentally, Anna found a devilish look in them and commented that his eyes did not look clear. On further scanning his body she found dark blue black marks on both his shins, with the right leg being particularly pronounced.

Anna’s trance level was deepened further

and then the dark blue energy in the shins was called out to speak through Anna by either using her vocal cords or projecting it’s thoughts and expressions into her mind. At first there was no response but on checking again if there were any foreign energies within his body, someone spoke through.

The energy introduced itself as Eristoff,

a 28 year old male who had been a rather proficient football player. He said that football was his entire life and that he had lived only to play the game. However, some of his fellow players were jealous of his skills and were always out to get him. It was one of them, who during a football match, had come upon him and broken his neck during the game under the guise of an accident.

Eristoff had died on the field itself.

His game had been aborted as rudely and abruptly as his life, but it was the loss of his game that had caused him the deeper shock. This Eristoff said, happened in the year 1964.

The shock of dying so suddenly that it

had prevented Eristoff from moving into the light and he had wandered around obsessed with the singular thought of how could he continue to play the game.

One day, at seven years of age, while Arjun

was practicing football with his team on the field, Eristoff drifted in there and aligned his energy body over Arjun’s in an attempt to superimpose the two. After a few attempts their energy bodies aligned and Eristoff managed to invade the little boy’s aura. In his words, he simply walked into Arjun.

Eristoff had resided there since that day,

four years ago, and fulfilled his solitary objective of playing football. Arjun was a budding footballer and Eristoff was confident that he could control him and continue to play the game through him.

Eristoff explained that he forced Arjun

to concentrate only on the sport and he did this by creating an obsession for the sport. He forced him to practice his dribbling and footwork skills all day long even when he was indoors or had to study.

Eristoff revealed in the fact that he had

great control over the boy.  He just can’t stop playing football. I simply won’t allow him to do that. Five days ago he decided to quit his coaching class. That night I showed him my death. I showed him what it felt like to have your neck broken. That was a gentle reminder to him to get back to football.

In the long and tedious dialogue that

followed,  Eristoff was finally convinced that in the spirit of a good sportsman he must move on to the higher spiritual planes and continue his evolution there and also choose to further develop and refine his sporting skills in the heavenly realms.

After much convincing, he finally agreed

to move into the Light and was received by his coach Augustus, his best friend and three other soul members whom he failed to recognize  With a sense of resolute calm at the joy of seeing his coach and best friend and further reassured at seeing the football that his coach had brought along symbolizing that his practice would continue where ever he was headed,  Eristoff finally departed.

Arjun’s body was scanned once again

and this time Anna reported that his eyes were now crystal clear and that the bluish black marks on the shins were no longer there. Arjun’s aura was then gently cleansed and filled with the White Light and the Protection Shield was created around him to strengthen his energy field in order to protect him from similar invasions.

While discussing the case facts with Arjun’s

parents after the session, it emerged that Arjun was a keen footballer and had started playing the sport exactly four years ago. He would practice footwork skills all day long indoors and keep dribbling the ball to the consternation of the whole family.

He had indeed quit from his earlier coaching class

five days ago and had, the very next day, begged to be enrolled into one of the premier coaching camps in the city. Interestingly he had also developed painful rashes on his shins about 10 days ago with the right leg being more badly afflicted than the left.

While Arjun continues to play and enjoy football,

he no longer tackles the ball obsessively indoors and is now unafraid of being alone. He is also more balanced in his approach towards study and sport.

Names have been changed in the interest of confidentiality


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