So often the aspiring spiritual aspirant gives up his meditation practice too soon because he feels frustrated that he is not getting results. Despondent and frustrated he abandons his practice and feels that he can no longer go on.

This however is the victory of his darker impatient nature which is what he is trying to wean off through his practice.

It is at times like this that the aspirant must turn away from his negative thoughts and using the power of his will persist in his efforts despite all odds. He must continue his practice.


I sat in the dark

Seeing nothing

Alone & hopeless

With just an endless sea

Of darkness beyond me.


Feeling i’d been there forever

I felt nothing could move me closer to the light

And when all seemed lost & in vain

I resigned myself to simply wait

And watch endlessly for dawn to come


After what seemed like an eternity

The darkness miraculously began to wean

It dissolved so rapidly i couldn’t think

How my vision cleared up and revealed everything


don’t know when or how it was

That light crept in and I lost the dross

Just this I am so sure of

‘Twas persistence that bore fruit

on those distant shores


Suzy Singh, May 2014





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